Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Have Such Things To Show You: Dark Eldar First Impressions

I have no spent two days pouring over the new Dark Eldar codex. I have to say it is quite and upgrade. Its hard to see, especially for newer players, how far 40K has really come. There is a stark contrast between the 10+ year old Dark Eldar codex and the new one. The feel is completely different. As you read the fluff you start to see the big picture of how the Eldar interact with each other and the other races. The Dark Eldar have matured. The Sheer ruthlessness of their society is portrayed as it should be. I like the direction GW has taken making things less comical. Even the orks have been toned down a bit. I digress though, I am a big fan of fluff in a codex. It adds so much depth.
My first impression of the codex is very good. The army still has some what the same play style. It is a very fast hard hitting force that can do major hurt in an alpha strike situation. It is also just as fragile as it was before. In fact some units have gotten more fragile. Reavers only have a 5+ save. This though is offset buy the fact they can turbo boost 36 inches and still attack a unit thanks to their blade vanes and caltrop cluster pods. Combat drugs have been simplified and honestly any roll on the table will yield a good upgrade to the squad. A lot of the wargear has carried over and has been brought fully into 5th edition. Rules have been simplified and clarified and in some cases changed so the gear is more effective. Case in point the Crucible of Malediction , one of my favorite pieces of wargear, now affects every psyker within 3d6” of the bearer.
There is a varied mix of special characters that are quite nice. Although this further supports my stance we are retuning to “hero hammer” the character have a lot of character. Asdrubal Vect now is the most expensive IC in the game clocking in at 440 points with the Dais of destruction. I also am a big fan of Arhra I mean Drahzar. I don't think its coincidence he has the exact same rules and stat line as the Phoenix Lords. Also unlike Asurman I would pay 230 points for him.
I really like the poison weapons as well. My favorite being the shard carbine. Scourges have them stock and Kabalite Trueborns can take them as an upgrade, 18” range with poison 4+ assault 3, yes please. One big theme I also am a fan of is the amount of insta kill as well as weapons that just remove models from the game. There is also quite a few weapons that force wound characteristic tests. These are quite devastating to units as several use blast templates and large blast templates.
I am unhappy about one thing. My worst choice for a heavy support choice is a Talos. That said the new Talos is an excellent choice.
The list is set up so you can run a mixed army, a strict Kabalite army, a wych army and a heamonculus themed army. There are just so many options.
Sadly Farseer Re-rolls and I could not drum up any willing prey this weekend to test out some lists. We also decided playing Dark Eldar versus Dark Eldar would be counter productive. I will be using the new codex Wednesday though in our campaign game. The Judge and I are squaring off again this time bringing lots of help. Thats right the debut of Dark Eldar on the field at Evolution Games my be in a big Apocalypse game. Details later this week. Also as I delve into the codex more impressions. We also have the next installment of the Phoenix Court of Khaine coming detailing Fuegan.
Also Keep an eye out at Dark Future Games for the video review of the new DE codex I sat in on with Farseer Re-rolls, Lord Solar Steve, Death Bringer and Vogrin.  

Until then..............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I've never been a big fan of the Dark Eldar's look and feel. Just way too over the top S&M for me. The new line looks fantastic, and I look forward to seeing some batreps about how they play.

    Thanks! I'm following now.

  2. I really only have two complaints about the new units:

    -Mandrakes seem kinda weak. Could be wrong here, but they just don't impress me. They need a pain token to be useful, and you can't put an IC with them to get a free token without giving up most of their options.

    -Harlequins are just like in the Eldar book, but worse. No transport, no cost breaks, nothing. I mean, DE do have actual open-topped transports that they can shove them into (a far cry from Eldar's total inability to assault from a metal box), but I don't think that cuts it. Kinda unfortunate.

    Other than that I really like them. The Splinter... Cannon? The heavy 6/assault 4 version, whichever that is, is probably one of my favorite guns in the codex, especially since you can run two on a Venom and another on the squad inside (=16 BS4 poisoned shots when you move 6".) So many good things in the new book, a huge leap past the cursory pamphlet that was the old one.

  3. I have to agree the Mandrakes are weak. They do need a pain token and cover to really sneak up and do what they do best. Once they have the shooting attack they get more deadly but they are an easy kill against massed fire and squads in transports. It is the Splinter cannon you are thinking of.

  4. SeerK, great insight on the video. You were super professional in there and I think part of your old GW black shirt was hanging out!

    I have to agree with Abusepup that the mandrakes are kind of garbage despite having pretty cool models. Every codex has it's crap units in it and if that is DE's then it really isn't that bad.

    I can't wait to see what you do with these bad boys. I need to get my video camera fixed so we can start posting battle reports again and I was thinking maybe we could roll like a poor man's Lansing podcast once in a while.

  5. Hmm

    nice article but I have to agree with everyone , the mandrakes are balls, so bad I doubt I'll buy those nice models as they will be fairly cack even in friendly games.

    You have an actual copy already ?!?

    I dont know what you see in Drahzar its over 200 points for a t4 w3 model with no invun, he HAS to be in a squad to be any good and needs pain points to really be any better than the rubbish P lords in the current Eldar dex , very disappointed and not looking forward to the p lords in the eventual 5th ed book. I was convinced given what s happened with chars recently that they would be made truly awesome again :o(

    Thanks for the article

  6. Well I do like Drahzar. Mostly from the fluff standpoint. He is on an even keel with the phoenix lords mostly because he is one. Will I use him, probably not as there are other HQ's that are way better. Would I use him in a theme list, Yes. The Phoenix lords need to be in squads to really be effective in my opinion as well. I really am trying to think why you would use vect as he takes up 440 points by himself before you give him a retinue. It is rather foggy if you can give the dais of destruction wargear as well so he may be even more expensive.