Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To Theme or not to Theme?

This past Saturday I had a really good game versus our local Warboss, eh hem I mean Kommisar, Matt. We played an 1850 game that was a spear head deployment and was for kill points. This was a rematch to a game that was neck and neck that we could not finish some weeks ago. I was using my Adepticon prototype list which was doing well except for the spanking it took from one of our local Imperial Guard commanders. I decided to just say screw it and play a themed list as Matt was using a themed list. His theme was the Armored Krumpany. Lead by a Big Mech the 3 battle wagon army sported a nob squad of doom, 3 2 huge units of boys, a unit of ard' boyz in a truck and two squadrons of death koptas. All in all a very strong list. I decided to go with a good old fashioned Ulthwe themed list. Two units of Guardians, Eldrad Ulthran with a sizable warlock retinue, a unit of 3 vypers, a unit of 3 war walkers, a night spinner, the Avatar and a unit of Dark Reapers. With the exception of the Avatar this was a very true to fluff Ulthwe strike force. How did it do?
To my surprise it did really well. I tabled the orks in turn 6. I gave up 5 kill points and scored 11 myself. The mix of short rang long range really broke the momentum of the ork army which was meant for in your face turn 2 action. Despite being lite on bright lances and anti tank the list did really well. This got me thinking about Adepticon and the performance of my current tourney list vs the Imperial Guard. That lead me to the decision to scrap my current list and start from scratch with a Themed list. Crazy you say? Not competitive you say? Honestly I am going to Adepticon to compete and have fun. I have reached a Zen that is basically in opposition to the current state of tournament list development. I will make a nicely themed Ulthwe list that will be competitive, but in the spirit of the fluff and the Craftworld. More on the development as it comes. The first hurdle as I see ti is facing Imperial Guard. The next two armies we will see spammed at the convention is Blood Angels and Space wolves. I don't think enough people will have the fortitude or skill to play the Dark Eldar competitively or at all in the short time the codex will be out before the convention, unless they have been playing Dark Eldar for years. So the forces of Ulthwe will sally fourth with three targets in their sights.
Next time we will be discussing Jain Zar in the next installment of the Phoenix court of Khaine. Also I will be detailing our store campaign’s next game this weekend. Its an Apocalypse event that may see the first use of the New Dark Eldar Codex. If I can pry it out of Farseer Re-rolls hands.

Until then......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Just found your blog and this particular segment was like reading something about myself. I'm still working my Ulthwe army and just can't seem to go away from it. In fact, rather than dive into the new DE coming out, I've opted to add a 'version 2.0' to my Ulthwe as I just have so much fun playing them. They are not the popular army and I never can table any opponents, but I do manage to squeak out a fair number of wins with them locally.

    Glad to find your blog. I'll be reading more.