Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Phoenix Court of Khaine pt 4: Fuegan The Burning Lance

Fuegan shall gather together all the Phoenix Lords for the Final battle. He shall be the last to fall. The Phoenix Lord of the Fire Dragons is a very lethal and efficient tank Hunter. Wielding a Fire Pike he can kill tanks at range. The Fire Axe lets him hit things as a monstrous creature and gives him +1 strength. He has both Crack Shot and the Tank hunters ability. He also has the added bonus of the Feel No Pain special rule as well.
As with many of the Phoenix Lords I don't use them that often. Fuegan is one of the big three, as I call them, that I use. Maugan Ra, Karandras and Fuegan. Fuegan added to a squad of fire dragons makes them very deadly and less prone to death by assault. Opponents are less committed to assaults when you have a strength 5 eternal warrior with FNP and a 2+ save in the squad. Especially when he strikes first most of the time.

When I run Fuegan I usually run a small squad of Fire Dragons with an Exarch. I give the Exarch Crack Shot and a Dragons Breath Flamer. Fuegan has a Fire Pike already so having the flamer in the group helps you thin out any infantry that is close. If I am planning on flaming a squad though I break off Fuegan in the movement phase so he can pop the transport and the flamer armed Exarch can make short work of the juicy center of the transport. I then fire the fusion guns just to add insult to injury. The next turn Fuegan rejoins the unit. Granted this can leave him open to fire, especially if things do not go as planned.
I use a Wave Serpent as opposed to the Falcon because the Wave Serpent point for point is a better choice. I never buy holo fields anymore as I have grown use to not having them due to the fact Wave Serpents cannot use them. I do not add anti tank weapons though if I am transporting Fuegan and a squad of Fire Dragons. I usually give them shuriken cannons or scatter lasers. Anti infantry is important once the Fire Dragons have done their job of popping a transport.

Fuegan is a decent HQ choice. Clocking in at 205 points he is on the expensive side but you get a decent amount of bang for your points. He increases the survivability and lethality of a unit of Fire Dragons by quite a bit. He also can take out those pesky dreadnoughts and walkers you fail to slag with your fusion guns. My main issues with Fuegan are the same I have with all the Phoenix lords. They have a high points cost and they all lack an invulnerable save. This is compounded by the Dark Eldar now having weapons that can bypass even eternal warrior. This does not bode well for most armies as the Daemon Hunters codex is the next codex rumored to be out next. Granted the FNP is nice to have. It has been proving very valuable in my games with the new DE codex.

Fuegan is a good choice though. He will cause some panic in the backfield of any army that is sitting stationary firing the big guns enmasse. The fire Dragons he is attached to will prove a major thorn as your opponent pours volley after volley into them trying to save his tanks and transports. All the while the rest of your army is creeping in for the kill. Maugan Ra may be the herald of death, but Fuegan is Khaine's instrument of destruction.

Next time I will have a nice battle report. Lord Solar Steve from Dark Future Games and I squared off in a 1850 point Dawn of War battle. The list needs tweaking, but I was happy with the results. Also we will be discussing my favorite Phoenix Lord later in the week, Karandras.

Until then.....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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