Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Necron Leaks

Well I would love to say I found these, but Fritz40K had them up today.  More leaked pics and point costs.  The Stormlord will have a bunch more once he gets his cold metal hands on the codex, Hopefully this weekend if the black boxes and pre release stuff hits the shops.  So first some point costs.

Necron Lord @ 45 points

- Necron Cryptek @ 35 points and 55 points (depending on wargear no doubt)

- Lychguard @ 40 points...however, one squad of 5 was +25 points more expensive...could be that the shield option is +5 points.

- Deathmarks @ 19 points...not that bad, actually.

- Flayed Ones @ 13 points (and no mention at all of the "Fearsome Visage" rule or something they used to have)

- Warriors @ 13 points

- Ghost Ark @ 115 points

- Immortals @ 17 points regardless of weapon

- Scarabs @ 15 points per base

- Destroyers @ 40 points

- Heavy Destroyers @ 60 points
I see some changes but nothing to extreme.  Apparantly scarab swarms are clocking in at 15 points a base to.  Given the rumors of what they can do thats pretty cheap.  SO here a a couple of codex shots to wet your whistle as well.  I am not sure how I feel about them yet.
The Doomsday Ark is an oddity to me.  It has an excellent mix of weapons and the shielding makes it a rough target combined with what living metal is going to probably do.  I feel jipped I have to pay for flicker fields on my transports.
This personal transport of doom is also a departure from the 40K usual.  The whole sweep attack rule is pretty scary.  At its face value it it seems not to bad, but I see some issues.  granted it is carrying a lord all by himself, but its an ablative vehicle rather than a wound for a lord. 
So there are some tidbits.  This codex is going to be scary.  Matt Ward has given it the usual treatment.  granted I am glad its on a Xenos codex rather than a dirty Imperial one.  Still this is going to be rough.  I think Necron players are kind of due though.

Until next time......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. I'm trying so hard not to get excited...

  2. Don't overestimate the new codex. When a cheep as chips Blood Angel/Space Wolf squad can still jump into CC and wreck your face your definitely not in the big leagues.

  3. I personally like it when the emo angels and the space puppies come to me. makes it easier to kill them. We will see if the close combat ability of the crons has been beefed up. I really don't think it matter though. Necrons has always been a very shooty army. Deep strikers will still get shot to hell the turn they come in. If they can assault the turn they come in it keeps them alive, but I think we may see some surprises

  4. I am seriously digging on the reduced point costs.

    I may have to start going to sell plasma so I can gets my Necron fix!