Sunday, October 16, 2011

BATTLE REPORT: The Webway List vs Orks

I was able to test my 3 portal Webway list this passed Wednesday night at the FLGS. Big Mek Scrap Klaw and his boyz came for a good scrap and they got one. The modified Webway list ditched Lelith and the Razorwing Fighter for an Archon and a group of Trueborns. We had a Spear Head deployment with a capture and control mission. I set up 3 wide to get the best possibly deployment zones for the portals. I was set up inside a village while the orks mustered in the outskirts of the village in a 3 wide battle wagon wall.

Turn One
Having gotten first turn I moved forward. The Archon and his Trueborns took their raider to the left side of the village while the Haemonculi and their Wracks took their Venoms up the middle and to the right side. I got good deployment on the portals. Sadly the Trueborns Failed to do any damage to the nearest battle wagon. The orks surged forward and opened up with all the dakka they could muster. A mob of slugga boys poured out of the battle wagon nearest to the trueborns and began to take them apart. You see ol Skrap Klaw is ded cunnin and most of his boyz are snipers. Matt has an uncanny ability to do pretty well in the shooting phase with his orks. Me thinks Skrap Klaw has been looting targeters from all his crushed enemies. The Trueborns were cut to pieces by slugga fire and then beaten down under the weight of massed choppas, only the Archon defied the green skins and lived.

Turn Two
With the portals open The Beast Masters whipped their menagerie of death into a frenzy and came howling out of the middle portal. The first two squads of Wyches came out of the far left and right portals. The Haemonculi and their wrack bodyguards began to retreat back towards my objective while the Venoms continued to engage the Def Koptas hitting my flanks. The Beast Masters and Wych squad on the left slammed into the mob of boyz assaulting the Archon. The Wych Squad on the right side slammed into a battle wagon. They immobilized it. The other 2 wagons found themselves damaged but still operational and the mob of boys was cut to pieces by the Beasts and Wychs, but somehow managed to stand fast as not all of them were killed.
The orks responded by moving the besieged battle wagons back, but not before disgorging their cargo of shoota boyz. The Wych squad on the right side was laid low by a hail of bullets and Big Mek Skrap Klaw letting loose with his favorite skorcha, while the remaining slugga boyz were finally cut down with a second battle wagon made immobile.

Turn Three
The Archon had been killed in the swirling melee of the previous turn. The Beast Masters and Wychs on the board moved to engage the battle wagon in the middle of the army, as well as the now empty battle wagon on the left side of the board. The last Wych squad came screaming out of the right side portal towards the immobilized battle wagon. The Clawed fiend managed to destroy a battle wagon in close combat while the Wych squad that came late to the game got a little overzealous and slammed their haywire grenades onto the immobilized battle wagon on the left. This caused one of the best explosions ever as it hit pretty much every unit on the table except the Haemonculi and their Wracks jetting back to the objective while blasting the remaining Def Koptas.
The Orks now on the ropes, and wondering where in the hell the Warboss and his Nobz were, ( they apparently had better things to do as they failed to come in for two turns now.) Brought all their remaining Dakka to bear. The Wych Squad that blew up the battle wagon got to do the burnie dance as Skrap Klaw took vengeance for the destruction of his prized battle wagon.

                                                                                    Turn Four And Five
Turn 4 and 5 saw more destruction and mayhem as the orks Were killed to the man. Well that is until the Warboss finally arrived with his nobz and laid into the remaining wyches. The Beast master pack had been broken after the Remaining wyches had been slaughtered. The Haemonculi and their Wracks had disembarked to hold the objective while. The Venoms moved to support the Wyches which had been laid to waste. A nob had been killed a couple injured but that was about it. So the game ended in a tie

Overall I like the 3 portals. I really have to reevaluate the method of deployment for the third portal though. I am going to try the list in another game just to make sure as we kind of got into the thick of things pretty quick. I should have just held back the Trueborns for webway Deployment and Just slapped the Archon out on his own. I honestly like having the razor wing in the list. It is so effective at dealing with massed infantry. I am going to play with the point totals a bit and see what I can come up with.

Until then......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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