Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blast From The Past: We Got A Necromunda League

I have not been able to play as much 40K as I would like to. Sadly there are not many people around that I know I can get a decent game in with. I have not been able to get up to the FLGS in Lansing anywhere near as often as I want to. My buddy Adam, an ex GW staffer like myself, is an avid war gamer, but he does not play 40K. He recently told me he was itching to play some old school stuff. This past Thursday we did just that. We started a Necromunda league.

It was a major blast form the past for me. Necromunda was the second GW game I ever played. My gateway drug, as it were, was Blood Bowl. I had a pretty decent Escher gang back in the day. Having sold off all my old stuff though I had no gang, so I dipped into my model collection and made a Goliath gang using my newly acquired orks. Da Big Teef Boyz was 10 members going into my first game.

Big Mutz and Big Futz set up for optimal fire
I faced up against Adams buddy Jeff and his Redemptionist gang. It was a scavenge scenario and sadly there was a monster lurking about. I was dealt a blow as Big Futz, one of my heavies, was dragged away in the opening turn of the game never to be seen again. One of my gangers, Lutz, was also beaten to a pulp and lost some fingers and has an old battle wound now. Needless to say I got F'ed up. We played a second game with 4 gangs on the table. There was an overturned transport in the center with a bunch of loot tokens. Combine that with a toxic fog that kept viability down to 10 inches and we had an interesting game. I basically ran forward to just grab what I could as I set up the closest to the wreck. I Got about half the loot tokens. Meanwhile my very scarred ganger, lutz, took one of my juves and the new heavy, sans heavy weapon because I could not afford one, thru my gangs tunnel network, basically lets me deep strike or set up like infiltrators, to take vengeance on the leader of the Redemptionist gang Maynard. Besides loosing fingers and getting the old battle wound he also hates Maynard. This game proved to be fun but very costly. I lost my new heavy and Lutz lost his left hand. I did get a bunch of loot though and experience. My Juves are now pretty beefy in close combat thanks to both of them leveling up 3 times. Lutz gained back the weapon skill he lost because of his hand and also gained a very coveted weapon in the under hive. A power Claw.

Big Futz makes a last stand to protect one of his boyz
So with two games in I am ready for more. I am going to mod up my spare orks so they are WYSIWYG. I think this will be a good distraction. Playing Necromunda also has me very very interested in playing Kill Zone with the guys at the shop. A dark Eldar gang as it were would be fantastic.

Next time I will be Talking about the webway list and integrating Archons into it rather than Lelith and the Haemonculi. I am also hoping to have a game next weekend involving the Court Of The Archon.

Until then.......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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