Saturday, October 8, 2011

Really? This Is Your Solution?

So here I am sitting at the FLGS, Evolution Games, putting together the last of the Wyches I need for the Webway list. While flipping through the new White Dwarf one of the regulars at the shop pointed out a funny and somewhat rage inducing tidbit of information. Granted from a business standpoint the tidbit in question is a logical move for selling more products and patching, in this case literally, the quality issue with fine cast while they perfect making resin in mass quantities.

I digress though. If you have a copy of White Dwarf handy turn to page 6 and look at the new product dubbed “Liquid Green Stuff”. Green stuff in liquid form. This could be handy for gap filling on quickly and if your actual green stuff skills are lacking. Ok this seems like a gimmick product that may have some uses if you experiment with it enough. Now turn to page 60 in White Dwarf. One of the studio guys is putting together a model, a fine cast model. In step 4 it shows him using the new Liquid green stuff to take care of an air bubble in the fine cast. Ok this is what you would normally do, fill the gaping imperfections in the fine cast. The only real issue I have is that I can see this being GW's actual answer to the imperfections in Fine Cast. I don't see any actual improvements to the actual casting process to get rid of the bubbles, which Forge World does not have as much issue with.

So am I just that jaded by GW that I am making a mountain out of a mole hill? I am not happy with fine cast, that much you know, yes details that were not there before can be seen, but it makes no difference if there are air bubbles messing up the whole model.

Ok what do you think? Next time I hope to have some battle reports for the Archon led version of the Webway list and some on field use of the Court Of The Archon.

Also go over to Dark Future Games. OST has posted the FAQ for their now infamous “End Of Days” partners tournament. Vogrin and I plan on winning this one again. Granted we need a date and a point total to do it. I have to give OST crap, sorry dude I know you are busy as hell, but I got to raz ya.

Until next time...
Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Finecrap sucks, you should see he material they make infinity models out of, looks kinda like white metal, lighter and seems to hold the depth and sharpness of detail quality resin does.

    i bought one fine-crap model and it was enough to put me off buying any more.

  2. Yes,you are making a mountain out of a molehill. Liquid putties like this are extremely useful for filling small gaps as well as airbubbles. Vallejo have sold one for years and Forge World really should have been selling one.

    Airbubbles are a by-product of working with resin, while they can be minimised to a great extent sometimes they crop up, not just in Finecast. Hence the reason Vallejo sells a liquid putty as well.

    One of the attractions of GW to a newer player is you can buy everything you need in the store, paint, glue, tools etc. Now that they are selling resin models, we have a tool for filling in surface bubbles and gaps between components of plastic, resin and metal.

    Complaining about surface bubbles in Finecast is like complaining about gaps in metal models due to shrinkage, they are due to the material and so long as detail isn't lost it isn't a problem. If detail is lost then return it or get a refund.

  3. I have been working with resin for years from lots of different companies. I have used several different methods for filling and fixing air bubbles and flaws in the model. I am aware of the problems with bubbles. Sometimes it can't be helped. My only problem is that I expect a higher quality of model for the price they are charging. GW's initial run was lack luster at best The flaws in the models, air bubbles, miscasts and the like are not as present on other resin figures I have bought in the past from other companies and even forge world. I am expecting and holding GW to a higher standard.

    I agree for the newer hobbyist that GW is a one stop shop.The offer the tools and supplies you need for the hobby. On the same token though the move to resin puzzles me, because resin is much harder to work with for a person just starting out in the hobby. especially if you have little experience with modeling. The learning curve is very sharp. Metal and plastic are much more forgiving and do not have the flaws associated with resin casting. The resin figures, especially the Eldar one, are very very fragile and one wrong slip of a file or hobby knife means the figure could be ruined.

  4. I used to use a Testors gap filling putty years ago, and assumed liquid green stuff would fill that same role. The review over at Pirate Viking Paiting makes it look pretty positive. I'll probably pick some up.

  5. Yeah I have used the testors stuff before and liked it. I was nto knocking the product only the implied answer to the fine cast issues. I will try it out and see how it works. I hate mixing up green stuff just for little stuff and using a gap filling liquid epoxy would be nice.

  6. Certainly there are some serious quality control issues with Finecast, but I maintain it is unfair to tar this product with that brush. There is no evidence that this is GWs 'answer' to the Finecast problems, in fact their answer at Games Day Australia was that they want you to return faulty casts no matter how minor so they can work to improve them.

    This is just a useful tool for filling bubbles and gaps which they really ought to have been selling for years.:)

  7. I hear ya. I will defer to the Lady Seers Wisdom then :-)