Monday, October 24, 2011

Necron players, don't fall for this BS!

Sorry Stormlord I had to add this - SeerK
Necron Megalith

When I was out at the shop the other day, another one of the Necron players was all excited and showed me this video about the new Necron Megalith.

After doing a very brief search (took me about 2 seconds of digging....) I found out that this was an April fool's joke. So, despite all the current hype about the new Necron Codex and models, this is absolute BS.

Just goes to prove, don't believe everything you encounter out there. GW is keeping the Necrons tightly under wraps (which I think is a really bad idea...) so we will NOT know ANYTHING for SURE until the codex is published..



  1. Someone actually believed that the Megalith Video from BOW was real? WOW talk about gullible :P

  2. yeah with all the rumors flying about and GW keeping things under wraps for some stupid reason its easy to make up stuff and have it seem real. The fact that it was pre assembled should have been a dead giveaway it was fake.

    Well I guess we will see on november 5th. And on release day on the 29th. Chris you need to make sure you hit larry up for the pre release copy of the codex so you can do a review

  3. Actually, these are two different levels of rumours: the Megalith (which no one ever saw up close) was an obvious joke, but the new models are obviously real. Can you imagine the difficulty of creating such amazing models and making them look just like all 'eavy Metal ones have looked of late. These 'crons are the real stuff. Well, anyway, we'll know Saturday.

  4. I love the pic SeerK. LOL
    Now that we got a look at the models and prices, I'm pretty stoked. Now to just get my mitts on codex!!!