Friday, November 18, 2011

forgeworld to the rescue

Picture From Forgeworld
Forgeworlds newsletter presented a induction to the Phoenix court.....kind of. as it turns out he has already disappeared faster than a wayward primarch.

but we did get some rules to represent him. sporting a heavy three strength seven AP two weapon is nothing to point and laugh about. he has a standard Phoenix Lord stat line and price tag, but instead of being like asurmen who has a invuln and is setup to jump into your opponents face, Irilliyth gains some durability outside of twelve inches with a four up invuln (being a five up inside the bubble).

I don't have much time and my phone doesn't want to edit properly but prepare for a new post about what the Eldar still have to offer that none of the other kids have poached yet


  1. There ya go Seven I edited the post a bit. I like this guy. He seems a bit steep at 225 point though. I also like the new close combat arm for the Phantom Titan that was released.

  2. I like the FW aspects, they are very cool.

  3. Yeah I have been impressed by the Aspect warriors that FW has done so far. The Shadow specters are very sex. I guess I need to buy this guy when I can afford to get the exarch for the unit I have.

    I hope we see more of this when they do the Eldar codex.