Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Hobby Rut: I Has It

I find myself in a rut. Between hellish work weeks, school and a general feeling of laziness I have been unable to get myself out of my hobby rut. I have a backlog of projects just filling up the table. High Elves, Orks and Dark Eldar. I even have Eldar that need some attention.

Since I have been unable to make it up to Lansing and the FLGS I have also not been able to take part in the New Fantasy escalation league at Evolution Games. They are rekindling the hobby portion by doing league games on Fridays and building and hobby nights earlier in the week. Being on the Path of the Outcast sucks. I plan on moving back to the Craftworld, Lansing, this spring.

Until then I am going to get the ball rolling on getting out of my rut. A friend of mine who plays in the area has recently created a unicorn in the form of his Lovely Girlfriend Angela. He is an avid Iron Hands player and I was greatly amused by the fact his new unicorn likes Xenos armies. Green Xenos armies to be exact. She is currently building an Evil Suns Speed freak army. I am always one to encourage new players and people interested in starting in the hobby. Hell it was my job at GW back in the day.

That said we are going to have a designated night we all get together and build and paint models. This is the first step. As I think back, when I first got back into the hobby the two motivating factors were a good FLGS to play at and one night a week The Stormlord, Mr. O, Mrs Stormlord and I all painted and put models together as a group. There were snacks and refreshments, lets face it hobby night is always better with a pint, and good times were had. This is how I got 5000 points worth of Eldar painted in 4 months. I think its easier for people to work on stuff like this when its a social gathering. You can show off stuff and get advice from more experienced hobbyists. It also distracts you if you have some sort of aversion to painting.

So A new hobby night is going to be instituted here in Ypsilanti. I plan on carrying the tradition back with me when and if I move back to Lansing. Its time I got back to my roots. I started this whole crazy hobby by simply collecting and painting. I guess its time I get back to that. Getting back to the fun aspects always helps recharge your batteries. I hope to have some pics once the first night has happened.

Until then....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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