Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Are Ancient: The Eldar Are Showing Their Age

Well its bee a crazy week, thus my late week post. Work has been crazy and I had ASE testing this week, but I digress. I played in the “End Of Days” tournament last weekend at Evolution Games in Lansing. Sadly Vogrin and I were not at table one at the end of the tournament like last year, granted we won the last partners tournament so no big in retrospect. We went 1 and 2. We faced some some rather creative lists and unit combinations. My favorite was a Warboss and Nob deathstar flying into the fray in a Storm Raven by Craftworld Lansing’s newest contributor BigMek SkrapKlaw. Yes there was even a Def Dread in tow.

I am not writing about the tournament though. The tournament did get me thinking though, as did the release of the Necron Codex the same day. That thought was that the Eldar Codex is now the oldest. Before you start pointing out that the Tau or Dark Angels are older, remember they got an update in the FAQ that was quite substantial, especially in the case of the Dark Angels.

I was feeling the age of the Eldar codex in the tournament and while reading about the new atrocities the Necrons can unleash upon the battle field. Despite Eldar still doing decently well in tournaments across the world, I ask the Question, How much longer are they going to actually be competitive?.

I have been playing the Eldar for a long time, as long as I have been playing 40K in fact, and I have never seen them not be able to kick some major butt. The butt kicking is on a major decline, and victory is very costly anymore. Between the high point costs and nerfing of certain weapons and powers in 4th edition I am dismayed by how much I have to work for a victory against a solid player, or even a mediocre player at this point.

Maybe I have grown use to winning consistently with the Dark Kin. The Dark Eldar have their faults, but they are a solid codex and very competitive. I can overcome the weak areas fairly easily. This is getting harder and harder with the Eldar. I am looking forward to 6th edition purely for the fact the Eldar will be at the forefront. This and the return of Chaos. I know OST is looking forward to that.

So I think I am going to shelf the Craftworlders for a while as I contemplate their place and await 6h edition and a new codex. The Dark Kin are going to finally get the paint job they deserve. I think I am going to really start working on my Orks as well. I am now in no hurry. Financial issues have assured that I will not be playing in the GT at Adepticon. I will still get the army painted and ready just in case, but my focus will be on building a small force for the Team tournament as I have been asked to be an alternate on Team Deathstar. Samsquatch Monster, Lord Solar Steve and The Judge from DFG are 3 out of the 4 members. I am hoping to be the 4th.

So I am finally going to build a Seer Council on bikes for my Deathstar. This will be a side project as I work to get the Dark Kin painted. Snow has finally hit the ground here in Michigan so its painting season.

Until next time..............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Yeah, I felt the age of the codex Friday night. Played a game over at Evo. Felt outnumbered and outgunned. I'm not throwing in the towel, but I will definitely have to rethink about what kinds of lists I make. It isn't even about being "competitive" anymore, it's about bringing a list that will survive long enough to at least have an entertaining game. Getting your teeth totally kicked in on turn 1 isn't my idea of a great time.

  2. Indeed. I think a points cost adjustment on some things would even things out. With the massive change in gameplay that 6th edition will bring I am interested to see what happens.

  3. Well fellow Seers our time will come we are just waiting in dormancy for our moment to strike and if you read the portents so far our new book will damn well be potent. For example the Dark Eldar gives us a good example of the direction of a fast high tech xenos race and now the recent Necron book, another ancient race, shows us the power of tech backed up by the ability to mess with a player in his turn and yours. I can think of no better race considering we are suppose to be the premier psyker race to be messing with the opponent and controlling the flow of the game. Oh yes our time will come and the lesser races will Tremble at our Arrival once again.

  4. We are Ancient and we are justified.

  5. I know the psychic powers are going to get juiced. They pretty much have to. I hope, however, that many of the powers are passive in the way that a Warlock's is. This will help counter all the anti-psyker wargear that seems to be floating around out there these days.
    And some ability to assault out of vehicles. I don't even care if there is only one unit that can do it, or you have to pay 30pts to upgrade a Wave Serpent in order to pull it off. It is just so hard to be aggressive with CC units these days.

  6. I too have temporarily shelved the eldar in favour of my space wolf army (although I am trying to talk myself out of necrons and the chaos legions are sounding mighty tempting).

    I am thinking about getting the odd eldar game in here and there though to keep my hand in, but they will mostly be sidlined until the new codex comes along.