Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well to everybody Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Craftworld Lansing. I have been busy this week with all the crazy crap that happens in retail, even auto parts, the week of Thanksgiving. I have been busy though rekindling my hobby bug.

Since I am an alternate on Team Deathstar for the Adepticon Team tournament I have been putting together a 1000 points of death starry goodness. I have decided to go with the Craftworlders. I think to make a proper deathstar, the team theme, you need a beefy unit that can take the pain and dish it out. So I have decided to do a project I have been putting off for quite a while now. The Bike Council. I have the Farseer already done. I have begun work on the Warlocks. I have 4 in primer and need to get 3 more jet bikes.

I am using the Chapter House Studios Warlock and Farseer on jet bike conversion kits. I have 6 more to get and I will be ordering soon. Keep your eyes peeled on eBay as I am going to be putting some of my Forgeworld up for sale. I have already sold my Revenant Titan, tear....., and I will be putting up some smaller tanks and Eldar bits I have sitting around gaining dust.

My Ork horde will also be gaining some new models as I continue to build, very slowly, the Kabal Of Da Big Teef. The Judge has made me an offer I can't refuse for some trades. So happy Turkey day. I will post some more pics as I get jet bikes painted. OST really hit the nail on the head when he started his Deathwing. Having an army that is small is easy to transport and a lot quicker to paint.

Until next time...

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. good to see the craft world getting some love