Friday, November 4, 2011

Necrons Awaken!: SeerK's Thoughts On The New Codex

I am writing this live from Evolution Games.  I have in my hands the New Necron Codex.  Although there will be buzz around the net like crazy for weeks to come I wanted to add my two cents before The Strormlord Hijacked the blog and went to town on the new codex.  Where to begin.

I have to say it was a major overhaul.  Previously Necron players were faced with very limited choices, especially in the troops department.  Now Immortals are in the troops slot alongside warriors.  The other slots have expanded like crazy.  So here are my top 5 choices of my favorite additions.

First lets get to the one that may seem benign, but will play a part in strategy for Eldar and Grey Knight Players.  Tomb Spiders, or Canoptek Spyders as they are called now, work slightly differently.  They ass a base of scarabs to an existing unit and, much like the Tervigon, will cease to produce swarms with a roll of a 1.  It also has a vehicle repair ability much like the Ork MeK.  Weapon destroyed and Immobilized results can be repaired on a roll of 4+ thanks to the addition of a Fabricator Claw Array for 10 points.  The real bump out of left field though is the Gloom Prism upgrade.  Psychic powers that target the Tomb Spyders or a unit within 3" may be nullified on a 4+.  So basically you have a defensive psychic hood.  Offensive powers or powers like Doom can be nullified as long as they target the unit.  I can see some arguments arising over the wording on this.

The next bit involves a unit that should have been cool in the last codex but kind of rode the fail boat. Wraiths.  These guys have been beefed up.  They now sport a 3+ invo save, are jump infantry, they automatically pass dangerous terrain tests and ignore difficult terrain.  They are also 2 wounds now and have the rending rule.They are only I2 now, but you can take more than 3 in a unit now.  It has doubled to 6 in the unit.  Add in the fact they now have Lash Whips, whip coils, and you have a pretty effective unit.

Number three is the Entropic Strike rule.  Any unsaved wounds caused by a weapon with this rule cause the model that took the hits to loose its armor save for the rest of the game.  Any hits inflicted on vehicle cause it to loose a point of armor on a roll of a 4+.  So basically units like Canoptek Scarabs can just fly into a vehicle and eat it.  Anybody who says this codex does not have enough anti tank is a damn fool.  There is plenty of anti tank to go around besides this little treat.  A full unit of scarabs is 10 bases.  Thats 50 attacks on the charge.  I am not a math guy but that sounds scary.  somebody good at mathhammer calculate 50 attacks hitting then also "wounding" on a 4+

The next favorite is a new unit.  The Triarch Stalkers.  So we have a nice walker with living metal, move thru cover and quantum sheilding.  Not only that but is has a heavy 2 multi melta.  He can also tag a unit, marker light style, when he hits a unit and all other units shooting at it count as twin linked.  This is a nice elites choice, although Necron players are now faced with several choices in each slot so I see some major decision making, but also major flexibility with the the codex.

The last of the top 5 is another new unit.  The Night Scythe.  This supersonic transport can carry 15 models.  It can also carry jump infantry ( counts as 2 models) and jetbikes ( counts as 3 models).  So you can actually carry a unit fo 5 jetbikes in this thing.  Necrons now have a Jetbike unit, Tomb Blades, which look to be able to really cause some trouble.  On a side not the Tomb Blades have an upgrade which boosts their BS to 5.  Can anybody say Eldar Crystal Targeting Matrix.

There is a ton of stuff i want to talk about, but I want the Stormlord to have first dibs.  I now leave you to prepare for the End of Days tournament.  I have a list to hammer the kinks out of.  I will post the results tomorrow after Vogrin and I win.

Until then...........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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