Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adepticon 2013: The Aftermath

Well somehow I managed to get today off from work.  It is nice having a day to recovery before going back
to the grind.  Well we survived another Adepticon.  I have a ton of pictures and so does our local shutter bug  Jim.  SO once I get through looking through all of the pictures I will post a bunch of them.

I managed to get some good deals on some Eldar and I picked up a small amount of Tyranids to start painting.  I feel very invigorated right now.  It was like my hobby battery was almost dead and Adepticon was like a Hobby charger.  So I feel refreshed.  Which is good because we have a new codex on deck.

I am not even going to really do the rumors thing past what I have already done.  There are tons of guys in the blogsphere that are totally into that and its their bag.  I will however be pouring over the codex and playing the helll out of it when it does drop.  New tactics and strategy must be learned.  Spellduckwrong and I will be analyzing this codex inside and out over the coming months.

I will be finally starting my Flames Of War Painting projects as well.  I have enough STU assault guns to run the formation out of the German book form Operation Market Garden.  I will be doing updates on that as well as my Rense System Navy fleet for Firestorm Armada.  After talking to the founder of The Black Ocean I am pumped to try and do an event at next years Adepticon.  I had a conversation with a couple board members already and Lord Solar Steve and I will be working on a proposal for the Adepticon Board.

The real key to an event is interest.  SO I need input.  I will be contacting The Black Ocean this week to start the ball rolling.

Well I have models to assemble and laundry to finish.  A lot more hobby and more tactics are down the road.

Until next time.....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!

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  1. I'm interested if I can go. I am also interested in a Phone call!