Sunday, April 21, 2013

Adepticon 2013: Almost Live Day 3

SeerK here with some more pictures from Adepticon 2013.  I have some pictures from the army displays
that were set up for the armies on display after the first part of the team tournament Saturday night.  Before that though I want to get a plug in for a couple of guys.

First I want to let everybody know that once again we had a conversation with Mr. Paulson over at Paulson Games.  He has a new game that is close to completion called "Mecha Front".  Its a futuristic Mech combat game.  The mock up card cut outs of the concept art are to scale.  A mechanic I found awesome and usually lacking in most games of this nature is
the ability to completely destroy the terrain.  in Mecha Front you can.  In fact you can still cause damage to Mechs hiding behind the building.

I also want to give a shout to the main man over at The Black Ocean.  He was here helping run demos of a favorite game around the Craftworld and the FLGS, Firestorm Armada.  We had a massive 6 player game going last night that went until 4 am. I am going to be working with the guys over at Gaming, Beer and Bullshit to see if we can get an event going for Firestorm Armada next year at Adepticon.  So stay tuned.

Now on to the pictures of the Armies on display.  I have pictures of 3 of my favorites.  The first is by the team and band, I bought their first album, Da Gof Rockers.
The Gargant has a Jumbotron in it playing a flash music video
Orks love "da metal"
I feel as though there should be a mosh pit
The Inqusition always tells us to look beyond the surface
This was my favorite part of the display
The mutant and heretic rabble
The Might of the Mechanicum
So there you have it some more images from the front.  Its the last day of the convention and myself and the rest of the crew is taking it easy.  Vogrin is going to finally teach me Warmachine.  I got a Cygnar battle box in my swag bag and picked up a unit of Gun Mages at bits trading.  So we will see how they do.

BigMek SkrapKlaw is also going to be doing some reviews of the many Demos he played at the convention this weekend, so look for those later this week.

Until Next time...

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!


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  2. Those display pieces are awesome!
    Though, the Jumbotron probably wins me over the most. If I could vote, they would probably get it. All these pics make me supremely jealous that I didn't go.
    Is the weather as bad as they say?

  3. Can you please add my blog to your blog roll?


  4. Thanks for the plug on your blog and for coming by to talk about Mecha Front. :)


  5. No Problem Mr.Paulson, I look forward to the game and the models.