Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Test Of Khaine Results!

Well I thought I would finally post the winners of the Test Of Khaine from this past weekend.  We had 14
players this year and it was a very laid back and fun tournament all around.  so here we go

1st.   George Gasser (Eldar)

2nd.   Bill Kim (Daemons)

3rd.  Austin Proux (Chaos Marines/ Tau)

4th.  Jacob Dungy (Tyranids)

The Sportsmanship award went to Luke "The Judge" Slocum.

Well there you have it.  General Chaos and his mighty WAAAAAGH! had their 2 year winning streak broken. Me thinks this is for affect, and we will be seeing the Ancient enemy of the Eldar return under his command next year.  It was a scorcher for points this year as well.  George and Bill were only seperated  by 2 points in the standings.

I have also asked George to contribute to Craftworld Lansing.  So look for articles and musings fromm the mind of the other Seer on the Council in the coming months.

The Craftworld Lansing crew will be leaving for Adepticon tomorrow.  BigMek SkrapKlaw and I will be joining DFG and The Gaming, Beer and Bullshit crew for yet another year of 40K games and drunken shananigins.  I am currently doing the last of my laundry as I write this.  I am all packed up.  The army is painted packed and ready to roll.  My Display board did not turn out as I wanted so its kind of bad.  It will have to do though.  My Eldar themed defense line was also not going as planned so I am forced to use an Imperial one.  Oh well means I have a year to get a new board and line made.  Granted we will have a new codex by then.  I wont need a defense line......

Well for those of you going to Adepticon if you see one of us wearing a DFG, Gaming, Beer and Bullshit and of course a Craftworld Lansing Tshirt stop and say hi.  I know several of us will be looking for late night pick up games.  I have also been told by Inquisitor Vogrin that I am giving Warmachine/ Hordes a 3rd try.  I guess there are way more ladies playing in those rooms.  I swear the Inquisitor knows how to get my attention.

See you at Adepticon............



  1. Congratulations to the winners, look forward to seeing everyone at the next Tournament in the area after adepticon is done and out of the way.

  2. Thanks for running it, had a great time. I made a bunch of mistakes and didn't understand the scoring but those were my fault. It was interesting to see that Mechdar did so well. Do you happen to know who he played in round 1?

    I saw he played 1 game vs. a shooting ork army and his final was vs. Loren's nurgle deamons. The greater vulnerability of wave serpents to close combat appears to have been mitigated by the broader decline in close combat.

    Good luck at Adepticon.

  3. @Steinerp
    Round 1 Orks
    Round 2 Tau
    Round 3 Daemons

    I actually fear much more for Wave Serpents in 6th than I did in 5th. You used to have to hit them on 6's whereas now they are WS1 and can be glanced to death easily.

  4. Fun tourney. Look forward to next year!