Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't Forget To Bring a Towel.

Well I made it two games into the GT before my temper started to show itself.  I managed to keep it professional and all together for my 2nd and now final game.  With a tie in round one and a massive loss for round two I have no chance to place or qualify for Sunday.  So even though I know I will get some flak I have withdrawn from the GT.  I want to have fun and I am starting to feel tired and rather ill tempered.  I think its best as I want to enjoy the convention.
The rest of the group is doing well though.  Vogrin has posted two victories and OST is tearing it up in Killzone.  The Phantom Titan is large and in charge as well as dead sexy.  I also have to get a pick up of the Warlock Wraithlord Forgeworld has here in their display case.  Looks like Imperial Armor 11, which according to the Forgeworld staff will drop in August, has some nice surprises in store for us.

So even though I will probably regret dropping I want to enjoy the rest of my weekend.  Stay tuned for more updates as the weekend progresses.

Until then........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!


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  2. Ok so I had made a long post about how having a bad time a tournament could suck. But then I realized I had posted under my wifes account.

    But it boiled down to comparing plans tomorrow.

    I will be at My urban Toddler then cleaning the floors in my house. You will be drinking in the happiest war-hammer place on earth. I will gladly trade.

  3. I did not want the tournament to ruin my weekend and after a nap and some fun last night and a decent nights sleep I am back to my jovial self. I now know for next year what to expect and what to plan for. I am going to take all this as a great learning experience and a trial run in preparation for next year.

  4. give us a battle reprot...why did it suck?

  5. I think the real thing that sucked was I was not prepared to face a green tide. Not to mention a green tide that was run very well.

    I had the first turn and concentrated fire on one mod with the fire prisms. I then advanced slightly. I realized I moved to far forward as I only gave myself two turns of good shooting. The Seer council should have been held back and I should have concentrated fire on Ghazghuls group rather than the one next to it. This lead to a sucky game for me as then I got charged enmasse as the lootas picked apart the tanks. Once snikrot came in with a warboss in the rear I was done.