Sunday, April 10, 2011

The War in Heaven: A Campaign In The Making

With the impending release of IA 11 and the revelation IA 12 will be Dark Eldar, Meatban, from March of The Machines, and I have been talking about doing a massive apocalypse game in the future. I have also started planning a campaign that will usher in the new Necron codex. I am talking of course about the awakening of a Tomb world and the Eldar going in to stop it. Granted this probably won't happen until this fall, but we have been talking about kicking off a new chapter in a battle that has raged in the 40K universe since..... well since the beginning. The War in Heaven.

I have always been a major fluff guy. The direction the GW designers and wordsmiths have been taking the universe really agrees with me. The Imperium is teetering on the brink of destruction. The enemies of man are numerous and gaining ground. Signs and portents that the end times are nigh are unheeded. An ancient and malevolent enemy is waking to take its place at the top of the food chain once again. It really makes fro some good drama and great campaign fodder.

So what is the war in heaven you may ask? Millions of years ago the old ones ruled the galaxy thanks to their intelligence and technology. The fostered young races and built the webway. The Necrotyr were also an ancient race, but slower to advance because they were a dying race right out of the gate because of their sun. They were jealous of the Old ones. Enter the C'Tan. The Necrotyr discovered the reason why their sun was dying. A being of pure energy was feeding on it. It was a C'Tan, In fact it was The Night Bringer. Somehow they made contact and then brought it into the physical world. They then set out to destroy the old ones. This started what is known in the mythology of the Eldar as the war in heaven. Some of the Eldar Gods of old were real and some were warp beings much like the gods of chaos, in fact Khaine was an aspect of Khorne in the Rouge Trader days.
Regardless the Necrotyr raged across the galaxy with their C'Tan masters and wiped out all the life they found. After warring among themselves the C'Tan and their Necron servants went to sleep and slumbered for over a million years. The legend of the Ygnir, what the Eldar called the C'Tan, grew and was largely relegated to legend. Now they awaken. The 4 remaining C'Tan are alive and operating, except for the Void Dragon who is imprisoned on mars. He is the real reason man has technology. So the Necrotyr awaken to retake a galaxy they scoured of life. The Imperium is ill equipped to deal with the threat and the Eldar are to few.

I have a war in heaven campaign I will be running this fall or even when the Necron codex comes out. IN the mean time though look for an announcement for a massive apocalypse game in the next couple months where the Necrotyr Lords of Evolution games take on the Seer Council of Evolution games. That is once Meatban finishes his Doomsday Monolith.

Later in the Week I will be trying out a couple of Dark Eldar lists. I have two I wish to run and will be playing the living daylight out of them over the next few months. I plan on playing at a variety of places as well. The ultimate goal is a Dark Eldar list that will do well at Adepticon next year.

Until then..............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Idea for Apocalypse/Campaign games: linked boards.

    IIRC, in the main apocalypse book, there's a battle report for a huge game where part is fought on a cruiser in orbit overhead of the main battle. I think it would be a fun setup to do, especially since it would mean more play space without awkward table pushing-together.

    You can have a Ork artillery base in support of a main battle that the SM drop pod assault is assigned to take out. You can have the cruiser in orbit. You could have a space battle where each table is a separate ship for the mass boarding actions going on. You could have a hive city being attacked along the walls, as well as force tunnelling/air dropping elsewhere.

  2. See Vogrin is thinking along the same lines I am. I have always been a fan of the multi stge battle and a multi table, multi field battle.

    The studio guys did something like this when Apoc first came out. This would be an awesome way to kick off a campaign and have all the players jockey for position as they establish their beach heads.