Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let There Be Light: IA 11

Just a quickie before I head to work.  Bell of Lost Souls had this up earlier.  All I have to say is the Solitaire is back kids.  2nd edition Eldar lovers rejoice.  It also looks as if IA 12 will be dedicated to the Dark Kin.  So even if we are not getting a new codex, for the Craftworlders, we have some very tasty IA stuff to keep the Mon'Keigh on their crinkled toes.  So enjoy.


Few months off yet, still finalising the fluff at the beginning. Focuses on Eldar, with some guard and a tiny smidge of Wolves. All eldar models ever made have rules in it, so no need to carry multiple books.

Also the big one...not all models in the books will have models. I asked if there were rules for any models we hadn't seen yet ( a sneaky way of asking if there were more kits for us to see yet). The reply was "Yes, a few more. Also some will have rules that were aren't planning on producing" The Phoenix lord of the spectres was then gestured to. So maybe not getting a model yet?

Artwork is amazing. The pictures of the eldar squadrons stalking through the tundra, with the nights sky are simply astonishing

Shadow spectres get Phoenix Lord, didn't read the stats

Corsairs get Allied DE with craftworlds, and a few new unique units and HQ choices

Solitaire is one of those new HQ. Doesn't make quins troops, is a 0-1 no matter how big the army, not an IC and can carry a vortex grenade in Apoc for 75pts

Apoc data sheets, including one which is a 550pt Avatar, has 2D6 wounds, a 2+ armour save and his wailing doom is upgraded to a Strength D 10" template. However hes still a monstrous creature, not a gargant. He's important in the story as its the avatars last stand so he goes out in a literal blaze of glory. So at the end of the game he takes D6 wounds with no saves of any kind allowed

Phantom Titans rules are above

The Wraithseer is a HQ wraithlord, his physic powers include one which force an enemy unit to take a moral check at -1 or fall back immediatly. Another gives one wraithlord or wraithguard near him fleet (!). And the other, if a friendly wriath unit within 6" dies roll a D6. On a 6 its still alive, with one wound left. It also has a 4+ invulnerable


Dark Eldar

IA11 full Corsair army list think CA Eldar with access to DE vehicles. Several craftworlds involved Wraithseer is 175pts IIRC. BRAN Redmaw's company for the SW no SW models on show I've seen. Some great SW artwork in there. Scenarios for all the major battles in the campaign as we'll as Apocalypse formations including a very hacked off Avatar in one .

Models more pre heresy stuff. Jump packs. Pistol/CCW arms more heavy weapons. Eldar special weapons team the Wraithseer and Phantom we've seen but both are beautiful models. Astral Claw and Salamander power armour resin pads. Haywire cannon for DE Raider and a twin hull DE Raider


Here we seem a glimpse of the Phantom rules courtesy of Drlove42 on BOLS

Phantom Titan

WS 3, BS 4, 12/12/11 Init 2, Attacks 3

8 Structure Points

Don't expect it on sale till Gamesday (which is September here in Blighty).
Comes in at a hefty 2300 points. Features the Cobra cannon, the pulsar (which is 3 shots), the starcannon (3 shots instead of 2), which can be swapped for a pulse laser for free. Also has missile battery (S8 AP3 4 shots) and a AA mounted missile battery (S5 AP5 AA Mount). Usual 4+ invuln if it moved, but can chose to turn driver stunned into gunner stunned, so should only stop moving if it gets immobilised. Has the usual rules for fleeting titans as well, and weapons have a 12" minimum range. Only current other weapon is the sword seen previously. Will hasn't finished making it yet, but the sword comes with a 2nd twin linked starcannon built in. He also hasn't ruled out expanding the line of guns

The lady with the rule book (who i'm sure is an important person, i just don't know her name) said the reaction today towards the rules was mixed, so might be changing. (Personally I'm in the mind they are a little too expensive. 2000 points seems a better point...that fleeting instead of shooting rule is overated IMO)

As for magnetising and weapon swapping, the "torso" component comes with the body, the arm, the elbox joint and the hand. The "Gun" comes attatched to the forearm. So either can be magnetised at both ends, or drill through the arm and have a massive pin/rod from elbow to hand.

Looks as if the Warlock Titan is going to be in the pipe as well

I am off to work

Until next time...............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks a lot for the pics. My eldar have been itching to get worked on. A corsair army sounds like a lot of fun. Keep the pics coming. You rock

  2. Like it, cheers for info and pics. I often prefer to read a summary away from BoLS' retarded comment section...

  3. Yeah I know there are people that prefer to not get stuff off the forums so I am happy to post it