Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wraith Seer and Corsairs Revealed

Forge World has the Wraith Seer up for Pre order along with the new Corsair conversion kits.  I really like the look of the Corsairs.  The Weapons look like a mix of Craftworld and Dark Eldar tech.  The jump packs look a bit goofy, but I can deal.  No rules as of yet.  I surmise they are going to be Guardians that are jump infantry.

The real tasty bit is the Wraith Seer.  Clocking in at 185 points he is a bit steep but not to much more than a normal Wraithlord.  Armed with a D-cannon and a Witch Spear it is pretty heavily armed.  The psychic powers are nice.  My favorite is the one that makes a Wraithlord or Squad of Wraithguard Fleet.  Thats sexy.  THe power that lets a Wraith model live after it looses its last wound on a roll of a 6 is nice as well.

My only real issue is the 5+ invulnerably save. Granted the toughness 8 has always been nice, but I think a 4+ would be better.  I mean a freakin storm shield that does not cover the whole body gives a 3+.  The wraithspear is also kind a head scratcher.  It allows you to re-roll failed to hit rolls like a wraithsword.  It also always wounds models with a toughness on a 2+.  So yeah that is all well and good, but unless the model is toughness 9 you will be doing that anyways.  Being a force weapon or doing something else we have not seen would have been better.  SO yeah I like it, but as usual the offering is kind of lacking like most of the Xenos units GW comes up with. A shame really.

SO my Forge World order keeps getting bigger and bigger for the fall.  I guess that is good thing as it will give me some fun stuff to play with until the next Craftworld codex.  In the meantime I will continue with the Dark Kin.

Next time the first Foundation Of Vengeance:  Spite

Until then...................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!


  1. The wraith seer is a MC, so wouldnt he ignores armour saves anyway with the wraith spear?.

  2. yes, but the power factor is not what I am talking about. Making it a force weapon or dealing instant death would be great for multiple wound models. I just think its kind of stupid to wound on a 2+ all the time when you are strength 10. Its nice against gargantuan creatures and very high toughness models, but is kind of redundant.

  3. Fair enough, just hope that all these new models/rules provided by forge world hints what might be available to the Eldar when they get their new dex.

  4. I actually really like the back packs on the corsairs. I think they could easily be converted into some high-tech looking scourges.

  5. hmm thats something to consider. God know when we will be seeing Scourge models

  6. Of course, STR 10 also already causes instant-death to most targets (those less than T6).