Monday, September 9, 2013

$10 Lessons at the Primer

Well, as the last post described, there was a local GT Primer I attended over the weekend. I ended up taking second after the dust settled on Round 3. My last game against Grey Knights was awesome. I couldn't even tell you when I had a closer game. The balance of power kept shifting oh so slightly back and forth every turn. Unfortunately, I really showed my lack of experience against Grey Knights (only my second game against them, unfortunately).
1) I learned, much to my dismay, that Storm Ravens have AV12 in the rear facing, not AV10 like I had intentionally maneuvered for.
2) More catastrophically, however, I learned that (and this one is burned into my mind forever now) that Dreadknights have Force weapons. Imagine my horror as my Wraithknight with 5 wounds left charges a Dreadknight on Turn 3 and then gets instant deathed on the first round of combat. Having the big guy around even one more turn could have swayed the battle, as my opponent only barely squeaked out a win on Primary Objectives at the bottom of Turn 7. We tied on Secondary and Tertiary.
At this point, you may be wondering why these were $10 lessons. The reason I say that is because first place was $20 and second place was $10 (there were only six of us at the tourney with only $5 entry). So, I firmly believe that I would have won the game if I hadn't allowed my Wraithknight to commit suicide. I'm not bitter however, I only lost $10, had an AMAZING last game, and learned some very critical lessons that will only help me in the future. Better to learn hard lessons like this at a tiny practice tournament than at the GT.
So in summary, I had fun, doubled my money, and was forcefully educated in some of the intricacies of 'dem Grey Knights.

Totally worth it.


  1. Yeah wraithknights need to shoot those nasty dreadknights and need to stay out of any combat involving a unit and a character (because they can then hammerhand and force weapon).

    How did the terrain work out? From the pictures it looked like it was pretty light.

  2. I could not agree more. Fortunately, that's one of those mistakes you only ever make once.

    Terrain was OK. Seven pieces:
    2 hills
    2 forests
    1 ruin that was LOS blocking
    1 ruin that wasn't LOS blocking
    1 low profile area terrain chunk, akin to a crater

    Word on the street is that there MIGHT be more LOS blocking at the GT than we used and the scoring system is up for some tweaks as well.

  3. That sucks man, but sometimes its good to feel the pain of an OP MC for ourselves.

    1. No worries, CrAzY424. The knowledge from the day (not just that match) more than made up for the fact that I missed out on an extra $10 of winnings. I have greater challenges looming on the horizon, and I need all the knowledge, experience, and luck I can muster.

  4. It would be pretty nice to have all the codexes to know all the rules but that runs like 400 dollars now so not really practical for most people. Good luck at the GT.

    1. Absolutely. Like in many aspects of my hobbies, my enthusiasm exceeds my finances. Eventually, I'll have enough experience against everything to be able to fu,blue my way to victory. I'm really just shaky on Grey Knights, Dark Eldar and Necrons for the most part. They are rarer for me than I would have imagined.

  5. Lol When I still had my Grey Knights the sheer number of Force weapons made me giggle when big critters charged me.

    Lesson learned though.

    If you need some practice against Crons see Mr.Vinton. Dark Eldar I can help a bit, its to bad Chuck is not closer, He is an Archon of repute