Friday, September 27, 2013

Michigan GT Countdown: Tournament Eve

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm stoked for this as the Michigan GT will be the largest 40k event I've ever attended.

For objective markers, it seem Fate anticipated my laziness. While I was moving some models around in my hobby room, I found three Guardian weapons platforms that all had the shield/gun holder bit detached. I was about to toss them in a box with other models needing repair when I realized that they would make perfect objective markers! And they were already fully painted which was a deciding factor.

Well, after work today, it will be time to get everything packed up and ready to go for the morning, as well as get to bed a little earlier than usual.
I've noticed a trend lately, that the night before a tournament around 1 AM, I am woken up by something loud and stupid. Be it someone shooting off a ton of firecrackers in the street, a bat that decides to do a sonar opera outside of my bedroom window, or something similar. Perhaps I will actually get good sleep tonight.

Here's to hoping.


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    1. Thank you Sentinel! Did you see that I commented again on your Spam post?

  2. Heh, did a little reshuffling, squeezing every pt out of it; here's hoping it does well:

    Farseer (Spear)

    x10 Guardians (Starcannon), Wave Serpent (Scat/ShrCan/Holo)
    x10 Guardians (Starcannon), Wave Serpent (Scat/ShrCan/Holo)
    x10 Guardians (Starcannon), Wave Serpent (Scat/ShrCan)
    x5 Dire Avengers, Wave Serpent (Scat/ShrCan)
    x5 Bikes (ShurCan)
    x5 Bikes (ShurCan)

    x10 Warp Spiders


    x2 Warwalkers (dual Brightlances)
    Nightspinner (Spirit Stones)
    x3 Vaul (Vibro Cannons)


    So, Vaul take front of shield with attached Farseer
    Nightspinner behind them, warwalkers there or scouting/outflanking

    The Dires can flesh out space on the shield, so no one can drop on. Everything else goes for objectives/kills quad guns or primarily, arty.

    1. I think that is a more refined version of your last list. You should fare well with it. Remember, Skyshield pillars give you a 3+ cover (2+ with Holofields). And while under it, your units are safe from Barrage and assault from monstrous creatures. They are too tall to get under there apparently! Look forward to seeing you there. I'll come by and say "hi". Mostly I just want to ogle your army.