Sunday, September 29, 2013

Codename 40k Diva: The Aftermath Of The Michigan GT

Man what a weekend.   Six games over two days on the south side of Lansing.  I have to say it was good Gorham.   Bill Kim and CVinton, Chris Vinton of DFG, talked me off the ledge as it were and I continued.  Lets just say things went smoother after some Jack Daniels and later Some UV Blue.   I will now be known as the 40k Diva by many of the participants and staff.  I know CVinton plans on reminding me of my tantrum from now until eternity
times despite a rocky start by yours truly.  I went 2 and 4.  I actually almost did not continue past round one.  I was a big dummy and did not read the FAQ.  This cause some confusion on my part and I did not use my Wave Serpents properly.  Regardless I got mad at myself and rage quit.  My first game happened to be against the winner of best overall, Tim

I had some very good opponents.  One army in particular caught my eye.  My round 3 game was versus Jon Blowers and his Chaos Marine army.  He was using the old Obliterator models as his Plague Marines and all the other models in his force was converted and custom kit bashed.  I was a fan of his bikers.

I also had the pleasure of playing and meeting Ken Blakely from the 2nd Founding Podcast.  He kind of wrecked me.  Damn Riptides.  It was a good game though and some good conversation.

I want to say congrats to Craftworld Lansings own Autarch, Spellduckwrong, for making the top 10.  He had some very tough opponents.  He Had the Best General winner in the last round.  Jesse Zischke congrats on the Best General man.

I  placed 38th.  I did not leave empty handed though.  I won one of the oldest traditions in 40k.  The Pub Quiz.  I got a Space Marine Strike force for my encyclopedic knowledge of 40k.  Not to bad.  Now I have a bulk of what I need for my next project.  More on that later though.

on to UCON......

Until next time................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. May I ask what part of the FAQ you did not read? I play serpents and don't want to miss something either.

  2. Well it would seem tournaments are declaring that serpent shields count as a weapon that can be destroyed.

    I did not know this.

    1. You mean you didn't remember. We talked about it that morning at breakfast. Granted, you were bleary eyed and not fully awake yet, but we did.
      Also, according to the standing posted on the GT site. I tied for 8th. I guess paint score was weighted more heavily than sports and battle points. So be it.

    2. Seems like a pretty straight forward ruling. It is your army so you should be up on the rules if you are going to invest 2 days in an event. Good pick up on the strikeforce if you needed some marines.

    3. Interesting. Down here in aus we are yet to rule that way. Makes sense I guess.

    4. Yeah I didnt remember is a better way to put it. With my work schedule and frantic preparing of models and the like I actually didnt notice the FAQ was up. Dreadbeard mentioned it and I did not read it cover to cover as I should have.

    5. That is a really absurd ruling for that wargear. I hate when tournaments cross from rules clarifications into game-altering wishlisting that turns it in a weird house-rules variant of the game.

  3. Actually, sportsmanship and painting carried the same weight.

    It went:

    50% of overall points were Battle Points
    25% of overall points were Sportsmanship
    25% of overall points were Appearance

    1. I thought thats how it went. That is the usual split

  4. Heh...came in 11th. My luck against the nurgle hordes (rolled 7 hits with serpent shield on his Great Unclean One that had two wounds left: 1/1/1/1/2/2/3....the fired ANOTHER shield, 2 hits no wounds, and 36 shots from two gaurdain squads with starcannon platforms...not one wound got through....