Tuesday, September 10, 2013

UCON Poster Design MKII

Well, this isn't technically about 40k, but it is about a flyer that is about a 40k event. SeerK needs a promotional piece for the Craftworld Open tourney at UCON this year and I'm helping him get that ball rolling. I figure I'll put the revised version up on here and hopefully get some artistic feedback. There are still things I want to do but won't be able to until the text is finalized. I want to put an effect over all of the letters so that the font has the same lighting effect as the Aquila on the screen, you know, to give it that "old timey" hologram look. Also, I am debating whether to crop out the bottom part of the console. Initially I liked it because it gave the viewing machine a little character, but now I'm wondering if it is worth the visual real estate. I don't know. What do you think?

As a side note, I have been working to compile the general consensus on Critical Mass in lists and will be publishing something soon once I get this iteration straight in my own head.


  1. Weekend before thanksgiving seems like a pretty bad date for an event. I like the poster. I might suggest having the Craftworld Open as the largest red line and move the UCON to in front of the Warhammer 40K tournament. Then this could give you the space to put in a link to a addition site like Technical Briefing: wyz.blogspot.com/pageK

  2. I am liking the poster thus far. We are tweeking it as I get more details. The convention is pretty popular with the non war gamers. I am bringing the War games back.

    Me thinks they are at the mercy of the hotels schedule and rates vs time of year. This is why the event is not a 2 day big tourney yet...........yet........

  3. I can see your point on the date, but I didn't pick it. Though, they have been successful in the past. It's a multi-day Con, this is just the advert for the 40k tourney.
    I think I like your idea about making "Craftworld Open" the largest font. I have to add "2nd Annual" to it as well, so that might work out awesome.

    I tried following that link, but it said it didn't exist. Just had a link back to the strange site called "The Unsent Letter".

  4. It was just a random site name I wrote to an an example for you to fill in with the actual site for the event which it should have a page on somebodies blog so you can put all the details you want however you want instead of being limited by what ucon allows. I went to a Blood Bowl event at UCon about 6 years ago but have not been back.

  5. If we grow it more this year I am going to add a bunch more games as long as I can find people to run them. I want to add Infinity and Dreadball if I can next year. The real hurdle I am facing is space. I have to justify the amount of tables and space I am asking for.

    I am not sure how much space the convention actually takes up and if its being used as efficiently as it could be. They have been at it many years, but they way they do things is very different from conventions I have attended in the past.

    regardless the warmachine hordes event is going to be a big draw and I am hoping it shows exactly how many people we can draw. so spread the word!