Monday, September 23, 2013

Michigan GT Countdown: 4 Days to Target

At midnight tonight, it is only 96 hours until tourney day! My mission tonight is to get my Wave Serpent finished. I just have to tag a few little components, paint the jewels and canopy, attach the base nut, and high gloss the whole shebang. Should be totally doable. Next up will be making objective markers, which will probably be a goal for Wednesday.


  1. I am down to a Warlock on a bike and a Farseer on a bike. I am reworking the list too lol. damn heavy slots.

    Oh yeah I am fixing ye olde display board too. somehow I got distracted by building a game table and wraithguard.

  2. I was going to build a display board, but then I didn't. My plan is to jack one of the sections at the shop for the weekend.