Friday, May 28, 2010

Battle Report: Eldar vs Orks

This past Wednesday I got a game in at good old Evolution Games.  It was also our first bits trading night.  I got a lot of good bits and have given into my temptation to start another army.  I will post some picks in the coming weeks of my new Blood Angels projects.  I know, why mon keigh? I like to paint and Blood Angles is a classic.  Plus gives me time to study the enemy and his ways.  Despite the bits frenzy I got to face one of the regular greenskin players in a Capture and Control spear hear set up game.
I used the round two revision of my GW Store Tourney series list that I was going to be using at said tournament on June 19th.  I found out I will be facing the Imperial Guard so I may change the list to adapt to this new found knowledge. The current incarnation of the list consists of;

Eldrad Ulthran
4x Warlocks.  Two with Singing spears.  Embolden, Enhance, destructor x2
The Avatar
1x Squad of 10 scouts upgraded to pathfinders
1x Squad of 10 Dire Avengers with Exarch.  Exarch has bladestorm Dire Sword and shuriken pistol
1x Squad of 5 Dark Reapers with Exarch.  Exarch has Crack Shot and a Tempest Launcher.
1x Squad of 5 Shining Spears with Exarch.  Exarch has Hit and run skilled rider armed with Star Lance
1x Squad of 10 Striking Scorpions with Exarch.  Exarch has Shawdow Strike, Stalker and biting blade
1x Fire Prism with Holo Fields and Spirit Stones.

The ork horde had one big mob of lootas, two huge mobs of boys in battle wagons, a warboss with a nice big mob of nobs in a truck, a def dread and 2 small flights of death coptas, One and two.

We had lots of terrain and to my dismay I did not get first turn.  After setting up and infiltrating my pathfinders the death coptas used their scout moves to get into firing position of the Fire Prism and the Pathfinders.  Turn one saw the destruction of the Fire prism despite the Holo Feilds, rolled a 5 and a 6 on the dice , and the pathfinders taking fire and then loosing the assault they were forced into by the death coptas.  They ran off the table.  The dire Avengers were holding my objective and stayed put while Eldrad and his Warlocks moved up with the Avatar.  The shining spear advanced as well in support on the flank.  The Striking Scorpions were in reserve doing an out flank.  The Dark reapers punished the loota  mob which despite loosing more than half its number did not run.  The battle wagons advanced on the objective while the warboss and his nobs cut off  Eldrad and the Avatar.  Once they got in range they put the truck between themselves and the big boys and assaulted the shining spears instead of Eldrad and the Avatar.  The Shining Spears were slaughtered.  The Avatar only manged to immobilize the truck. 
Things got bloody quick.  I was not rolling well at all.  The warboss and his nobs killed Eldrad and his warlocks after 2 rounds and then finally managed to off the Avatar ofter 3 rounds of combat.  The death coptas were a thorn in my side.  I did dispatch the lootas and two coptas but the remaining copta and the large mob in one of the battle wagons finished off the Dark Reapers.  I was down to one squad.
As i have said Dire Avengers can hold objective like no other.  When faced with the green tide in turn 6 they braced and blade stormed the nearest mob and cut it down to about 25% of its full size.  This took enough out to make sure they did not have range to assault me.  The game then Ended with me as the victor.  I held my objective and he did nto have anybody claiming his.

A victory for Craftworld Ulthwe but at what a cost.  If the game had gone to turn 7 I would have been done for.  The Dire Avengers Held off the tide despite heavy losses and managed to pull thru.
This list is going to be drastically changed for facing Imperial Guard at the GW Store Tourney.  I did nto do bad.  I had massive losses and still won.  I managed to keep the Orcs focused on what they like.  Shootin stuff and assualting.  Once I lost the Ability to effectively disable the battle wagons I had to change tactics to keeping the orcs at bay and slow them down so they could not reach the objective.  That means sacrificing troops and going all or nothing into that strategy.  It paid off but it was a major gamble.  If it had gone into turn 7 it would have been a very different outcome.

It was a good learning experience.  I have not fought Orcs in a long time and it was good to get a taste of something not wearing power armor.  So guess we will see what Saturday holds as I try a new list and see what I can do against some Imperial Guard.  Unitl Then........

Blood runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!

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