Thursday, May 6, 2010

Farseers and Choppers

Well sadly I did not get a game in Wednesday. There were not takers for the Noise marine army that i was intending on using in the upcoming Ard Boyz torunament here in good old Lansing. 2500 points of chaos goodness.

I know I know, why was I going to use a noise marine army when I have been playing Eldar basically since the fall, otherwise known as the early 90's. I was not happy with the army lists i was making even with 2500 points to work with. Since I did not get a Game in Wednesday I had time to think and confer with other Eldar players.

I came up with a list that makes me happy.

HQ: Eldrad Ulthran with 10 warlocks in a wave serpent armed with scatter lasers, vectored engines and spirit stones.

HQ: The Avatar of Khaine ( who has been very good to me the last 3 games)

Troops: 2x Squads of 10 Dire Avengers with Exarchs. Both have blade storm.
Troops: 1x Squad of Guardians with a warlock. Warlock has conceal. Weapon platform is a shuriken cannon

Elites: 2x Squads of Fire Dragons with Exarchs. Exarchs have fire pikes and Tank Hunter.
both squads are in wave serpents with spirit stones and vectored engines. One is armed with bright lances the other with shuriken cannons.

Heavy Support: 2x Wraithlords with wraithswords one armed with a star cannon and the other a bright lance.
Heavy Support: Fire Prism with spirit stones, holo fields and vectored engines.

Now this list packs a lot of punch. Eldrad and his rather large council will be a major threat in close combat but mostly he will wreak havoc with his ability to use 3 psychic powers a turn and hamper the abilities of any psychers on the board. Most of the Warlocks have the destruction power fro some close in fun should anybody decide to get close. One has enhance to beef up the close combat ability and the other has embolden to make sure Eldrad does not fail any psychic tests.

Paring the Avatar with the Guardians, and any unit for that matter, will make it an excellent objective holder. Since any unit is fearless within 12" of the Avatar they will take a pounding and not run. The Avatar that close also means defense against bigger target that may try to contest the objective. 20 Guardians though makes for a deep wall that will not let a unit get within 3 inches of an objective to contest it though.
The unit also makes a good spear head with the Avatar at the front leading the way. 40 str 4 shots followed by 40 attacks in an assault , str 3 or not, brings weight of numbers and will force lots of saves.

The Fire Dragons and Wraithlords can deal with any armor. Keeping the Wraithlords in range of the Spirit seer in the guardian unit will make them excellent support for a Avatar lead charge. This could potentially break the back of an army, especially one that stays in one spot. Divide and conquer.

Dire Avengers are good all around troops. they pack a punch, are decent on close combat and can hold objectives. 18" range on their shuriken catapults makes it so they can move and keep the fire on. Rapid fire units are forced to move to bring mass fire and this limits the number of shots as well as the ability to assault.

Fire Prisms are a great tank buster and with the prism cannon being a blast weapon it can kill infantry rather well to. holo fields are a must. The survivability of the Fire Prism depends on it.

now all that left to be done is test the list and make some tweaks.

Now that I found my camera and realized pictures of my army and such will be coming this weekend.

I also just ordered the Seer Council Jetbike conversion kits from Chapter House Studios. Once they arrive and I get some Jetbikes I will post the pictures and the review.

Until then.....................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!

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