Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its all about the list

Here we are again. Today we will be discussing the winning list at the 'Ard Boyz round one at Pandemonium in Garden City Michigan. Despite my lackluster performance the winning player was an Eldar player by the name of Greg Sparks. Those of you who have been around at Adepticon the past few years may have met him. Having played Eldar through 3 editions of 40K I find the army list changing a lot especially since I skipped the horror that was 4th edition. I find Greg's list very interesting as its a list that I would not have thought to run. It uses many odd elements that seem to work with the strategy that brought it a first place finish. 2 point shy of the maximum of 72 battle points possible I might add. So here is the list

HQ: Eldrad Ulthran
HQ: Maugen Ra
Troops: 10x Wraithguard with spiritseer with Conceal
Troops: 10x Wraithguard with spiritseer with Conceal
Troops: 8x Dire Avengers
Troops: 10x Dire Avengers with Exarch armed with power weapon and Shimmer Shield
Troops: 3x Guardian jetbikes with one shuriken cannon. Has warlock with Destructor
Hvy Sup: Wraithlord with 2 flamers scatter laser and shuriken cannon
Hvy Sup: Wraithlord with 2 flamers scatter laser and shuriken cannon
Hvy Sup: 3x War Walker all armed with duel scatter laser
Fast Att: !0x warp spiders with Exarch armed with 2 spinners and power blades. Has Withdraw
Elite: 9x Harlequins with 1x fusion pistol and a shadow seer.

All this comes to 2500 Exactly. You will notice a heavy amount of troops. This is very important in a tournament list. Most tournaments will have objective based missions so you need to be able to take and hold them. As far as punch goes this has a bit. The Wraithguard and the Wraithlords are the anchors. With that many Wraithguard your opponent will be nervous and theoretically you should be able to really cause some hurt up close. There is a lack of transports as you will notice. Although this makes the army foot slog across the board it frees up a lot of points for units. This is a must with so many Wraithguard. With the Warp spiders deep striking and causing a nice distraction in the back field you can advance a little more easily. I have not tried the list yet but it obviously works given the right strategy. Once I get a game or two in with it I can give better appraisals. I only wish I could have watched it in action but alas I was playing as well.
Still no Seer council in the mail. I hope it comes within the next week. Until then I am going to test this list and begin a series of blog on the Aspects of Khaine. So for the next few weeks it will be all about Aspect Warriors.

So until then................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!


  1. Wait a minute... there's all these guys over on Warseer that tell me Wraithwall can't win! It must be a fluke, he only played bad opponents and he got lucky with his dice.

    [/sarcasm]Not a bad list. There's a few tweaks I'd make, but mostly because I prefer a hybrid mech to give total target denial. That list nicely plays to Mission 3. I'd be interested in hearing what he takes to the next round.

  2. He played one army that I know was weak. It was Tyranid cheese that was doomed to failure. But he got massacres on all 3 missions and then some.

    I know he did do the wall formation though from the couple of pictures i snapped