Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finer Points of Stripping Pt 2

We now continue with the little experiment started this past weekend.  The results were a little surprising.  Apparently the clear winner of the contest was the Car Quest purple floor cleaner.

The Dire Avenger on the far left was stripped using the purple floor cleaner strait.  It was not diluted.  It took a minimal amount of scrubbing with a medium tooth brush to get most of the paint off.  The middle Dire Avenger was in the Simple Green that was not diluted.  It did strip the paint, however it took a lot of scrubbing with the tooth brush and nowhere near the same amount of paint came off.  The last Dire Avenger, on the far right, was in a diluted mix of Simple Green and as you can see basically no paint was stripped off. 

The most important part of this little project was to find a method to strip the paint that did not harm the plastic.  From this one run I can say that neither chemical hurt the plastic.  The Car Quest purple floor cleaner is the clear winner.

That said i now have six jetbikes sitting in a jar getting the crappy paint job stripped off.  I am still waiting for the conversion kits from Chapter House studios.  I am hoping to get them so i can get them assembled to the point I can use them in the ard boyz tournament.

The Eldar list did ok against our local Tau player but sadly I lost the game.  I blame my deployment and the terrain.  A spearhead deployment for Tau is great especially when My troops are mired down in difficult terrain.  I have concluded that I must make a more mobile list.  I have done a new list with an emphasis on mobility and infiltrators.  I basically replaced my guardians with Pathfinders. and added some mobile units.  the list is still in development and has 3 versions so after i play a couple games today hopefully I can work out the kinks and post the official list in my pre tournament post.   I will make an additional post before the Ard Boyz Tournament Saturday and my usual post on Sunday with an aftermath report.  Now its time for lunch and time to get in some battles.  So until next time.

 as always.......

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!

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