Sunday, May 2, 2010

Decent of Angels

Well I have had two battles using the Same list this week. I have started testing 1850 point Adepticon rules army lists. So far I have revised it once.

I used the original list Vs Captain Obvious and his experimental blood angels cheese list, his words of discription not mine, That list was composed of 2 Furioso Librarians, 3 vindicators, 3 baal predators 2 5 man squads of marines, a squad of scouts and a librarian leading the pack

I have always been an Eldar player. I have played Eldar since the early 90's and the days of 2nd edition. I skipped the horror that was 4th edition.

The List I used against the Blood Angels was version one of the Adepticon list and it consisted of:

1 Farseer with Spirit stones, Runes of warding, Doom and Mind War
4 warlocks with the Farseer with Enhance, Embolden and 2x Destructor and 1 with spirit seer
1 Avatar
20 Guardians with a warlock with conceal and spirit seer and with a shuriken cannon platform
5 pathfinder
10 howling banshees with Exarch. Exarch has acrobatic and warshout armed with an excutioner
1 wave serpent with shuriken cannons with the banshees.
10 Fire Dragons with Exarch. Exarch has a fire pike and the tanks hunter power.
1 wave serpent with bright lances as transport for the Fire Dragons.
2 Wave serpents with scatter lasers and holo feilds
1 Wraithlord with Starcannon and Wraithsword.

we played a Capture and control mission

Although the path finders were hellstorm cannoned the first turn the list did ok. With the guardians and Avatar holding the objective, and the fire dragons and falcons wreaking havoc with all his armor i was able to hold the objective while at the same time killing off all his ability to hold his objective thanks to my banshees and the Farseer and Warlocks. His list was relying on psychic powers and he was not having much luck with the runes of warding up. Even after he managed to kill the Farseer the powers were not that effective.

The list ddid lack troops though. I was also not all that pleased with the Falcons performance. The pulsar is nice against light targets but I was having issues with the BS of 3.

So for round two against The dreaded Dark Eldar Horde of Captain Obvious i changed the list. The Dark Eldar list he runs is very strong. A lord with 4 incubi and Drazaar is nasty. 3 Ravagers and a the squad of wyches is also nasty. The real power comes from the numerous squads of warriors though. They have lots of Dark lances and Blasters. It is a bad day for anybody who does not expect the DE to have shooty potential.

I modified my above list. I took out the Falcons and put in Fire Prisms. They have a BS of 4 and with 2 modes of fire and the ability to combine gives me more flexability and killing power for armor and infantry. I took out the pathfinders and decided to try 2 squads of 3 Jetbikes both with one shuriken cannon each. I was hoping these would be able to harass the enemy and be able to take objective quickly. Lastly I swapped the Banshees for Striking Scorpions. No power weapons , but they hit harder and get more attacks plus I can outflank.

This list did much better and despite the game going back and fourth every turn, I managed to Contest the other objective for the win. The Avatar also pimped the Lord and retinue thanks to crappy rolling.

I used this list again Vs Dark Angels. A command squad in a land raider, three tactical squads, one squad of assault terminators, a land speeder with assault cannon and heavy bolter, a dreadnought deployed via drop pod. all tactical squads had lots of plasma.

After two games I am not happy with the choice of bikes. They took objectives quick and harassed but they died quick. In the end i was narrowly defeated as one tactical squad i failed to kill, 3 remaining, managed to run from cover and take the last objective in the last turn.

My deployment was not good as well. I promise i will have more pictures and details next time.

My Rogue Trader game also went well Friday night.

It is my first time playing and running this game. I really need to read more so I can actually run combat next time. Character creation took a while due to all the jumping we had to do in the books. The rules are really spread out as well. I wish they would have some nice summaries for a quick refresher when I need it.

All in all it went well. There was a lot of interaction and they managed to botch a battle drill thy wanted to run on the ship. 7 degrees of failure makes it so fun for me. This epic fail almost cost them their trade negotiation meeting as they almost hit a ship near by as the crews actually fired the guns rather than just doing a battle drill.

Should be entertaining next session

until next time.............

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