Sunday, May 23, 2010

GW Store Tourney Series Round 1: The Fury of Khaine

Before we delve into the tactics and strategies of the different Aspect Warriors later in the week, I participated in the Games Workshop Store tournament series Round one this past weekend. It was at Games Workshop Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills. It was a 1750 strait codex rules game and the tournament runs for the next 3 months. Each month you are required to play one games. They tally up the kill points and the victory points from each round. The manager said a store champion will be crowned and the person. with the highest overall scores will be the overall champion.
The game went badly though. The troops and strategy was there. The only issue was my dice were not cooperating. I did mange to score 8 kill points ans 1630 victory points though. My first opponent was a Blood Angels army Led by Mephiston and Lord Dante.

His list consisted of

Lord Dante
2x Furioso Librarians 1 delivered by drop pod
1x 5 man death company squad
1x 10 man assault squad
1x 10 man tactical squad in a rhino
1x scout squad

My List consisted of

Farseer with spirit stones, runes of warding and witnessing, doom, fortune, mind war
4x warlocks 2 with singing spears and destructor. others had embolden and enhance
1x 15 man guardian squad with shuriken cannon and warlock with conceal and spear
The Avatar
1x 10 man squad of Dire Avengers with Exarch armed with dire sword
1x 6 man squad of Fire Dragons with Exarch armed with Fire Pike and Tank Hunter
1X 10 man squad of Striking Scorpions with Exarch armed with Claw and both powers
1x 3 man Jet Bike Squad with shuriken cannon
2x Wraithlords with wraith swords, one with a bright lace the other with star cannon
1x wave serpent with twin linked bright lances and spirit stones for fire dragons
1x Falcon with spirit stones

It was a bloody fight. Turn one was uneventful as the Furioso came in and the Blood Angels Advanced. My army then advanced and killed a single marine. Mephiston advanced and engaged The Avatar in hand to hand. The Avatar i have to say was the MVP. Not only did he kill Mephiston he then proceeded to battle a Furioso Librarian for two turns before killing it. He then marched over to Dante who came in on turn four and killed him after one wraithlord killed the death company with him. For his final trick in turn seven he killed the remaining Furioso librarian. He lived the whole battle and took on all the heavy hitters and won. He avenged the Farseer and warlocks who died at Dante's hands.
The army was blasted in submission, mine that is. It was a hard battle but a moral victory despite the loss. All he had left was a drop pod and the scout squad in the end. I had the Avatar and 5 striking scorpions. I lost the tanks in turn two and the Fire Dragons fled under fire as the remaining two that survived the explosion of the wave serpent. The dire avengers held up in a building until turn 4 when the dreadnought finally wiped them out. The Bikes lasted until turn 5 when the scouts dealt the final blow.
I am somewhat happy with the list but I must cut down on the kill points. I could not have gotten a win even if i killed his entire army. he had only 9 kill points in it.
The Fire Dragons were useless as always so they are going to get cut. I may upgrade to Eldrad for my Farseer and also try to squeeze in a squad of shining spears for some hard hitting hit and run assaults.
The Emphasis will be on cutting the amount of kill points i can give up and still pack a punch. I will keep you posted as time progresses and I play with a few lists

Wednesday I will begin my multi part series detailing the Aspects of Khaine. First up will be the ubiquitous Dire Avengers
Until then........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!

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