Friday, May 14, 2010

Into the Breach

The Ard Boyz Tournament is upon us.  I have settled on an army list after a decent game VS some Nercrons last night and a sound pummeling at the hands of the Dark Angels.  So the Offical list is as follows.

1.  Eldrad Ulthran with 9 warlocks.  Two with destructor, one with embolden and spirit seer, one with enhance.  The are in a wave serpent armed with scatter lasers.  It has vectored engines and spirit stones
2.  The Avatar of Khaine.
3.  2x 10 Dire Avengers with Exarchs.  Both with blade storm.  One unit has a wave serpent with Missile launchers and spirit stones.
4.  1 unit of 20 Guardians with a shuriken cannon platform and a Warlock with conceal.
5.  2x 10 Striking Scorpions with Exarchs.  Both have stalker and Shadowstrike.  One is armed with a biting blade the other with a scorpions claw.
6.  1 unit of 5 wraithguard with a Warlock.  They are mounted in a wave serpent armed with bright lances and a shuriken cannon.  the warlock has conceal.
7.  2x Wraithlords one armed with a bright lance the other with a star cannon.  Both have wraith swords.

The Wraith guard were added instead of a 2nd Guardian unit that was originally in the list.  I needed some more heavy hitters that will distract my opponent.  SO the Wraithvguard were added.  This was the list I finally settled on as it did rather well.  After playing 7 2500 point games this week I am a little tuckered out.

The Unit including Eldrad has been the lynch pin in the army from day one.  Having all the psychic powers of which  he is capable of using 3 per turn and combine that with the close combat ability of having 9 warlocks and you have a very heavy hitting unit. 
The list has changed quite a bit.  After having Fire prisms that were constantly unable to fire due to lots of fire comming their way I dropped them in favor of Wraithlords.  Despite a lack of an Invulnerably save having toughness 8 and a +3 armor save is nice with 3 wounds.  It rules out close combat wounds from all but the strongest troops. 
I also dropped the pathfinders as my troop choices.  They are great at taking out big targets.  they can hold objectives great, as long as they are in cover.  They loose their value when you must move them.  If they are out in the open they are as good as dead.  Moving to take an objective and not being able to fire is also a waste.
So the only vehicles in the current list are heavily armed Wave Serpents.  Despite being 90 points, plus weapons and upgrades, they are one of the best transports in the game.  They can fight like a tank and can get units into the fight fast.  If only they could have holo feilds.

So now we go into the breach and hopefully to some wins.  Sunday I will post the results.

until then........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!

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