Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rogue Trader: Session 2

Session two of my Rouge Trader games sees our explorers take to space as they have uncovered some secrets left behind by Quintis's father. We last left out hero’s on the cusp of a trade deal moving agricultural goods to the Forge World Iconix from the Agro world of Satire 7 in the Malconis system. The deal was originally set up by Marik Tarsus with some rather unfavorable terms. It was a two way trade route as Iconix would be supplying equipment and machinery as well as new seed strains as Iconix specializes in biological items and is predominately under the auspices of the Magos Biologis. The crew was feeling rather good after their tumble with the thugs in the market place from session one . Quintis starts the talks and finds that the dynasty would be shouldering a lot of the costs involved and would actually be loosing money by doing this deal. After some hard negotiating and the Magos Gabriel finding some classified information concerning a plague that was turning crops to mulch. Whit this revelation it was clear the Cartel was more interested in the Magos's on Iconix fixing the crops than receiving machinery. The information was not public as this would weaken their bargaining position. So Despite Quintis's lack of tact and bargaining skills he made a successful deal.
With the deal concluded Forgemaster Lennox of Iconix gives the group a data crystal with a large amount of star charts and system survey data that would normally not be available to anybody outside the upper echelons of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This was the reason for the bad terms of the trade deal. After grilling Angelica for information the crew discovers that Marik Tarsus was involved in the Xenos artifact trade and that he was looking for a specific item. He had become obsessed with finding said item and this was the reason the dynasty had withered away to nothing. They also learn that Marik found the Cathedral Terra on one such expedition in the orbit of a world many months away by warp travel. By this time Gaius had identified the odd parts of the ship that were Xenos to possibly be Eldar in origin.
The group decides they need some answers, to who attacked them and why, what was the artifact that Marik was looking for and where did the Cathedral Terra come from.
Joker along with Quintis interrogates the one remaining thug that attacked them. They find out he works for another Rogue Trader named Nathaniel Allen. He is out for vengeance against Marik Tarsus for the death of his son. They also find out that another group was supposed to be hitting a second target that was an associate of Marik's on Tarlac Alpha, in the Solomon system which was about a weeks travel away.
As the are leaving the system they encounter another ship. The ship belongs to Inquisitor Simon Locke of the Ordo Xenos. He demands to board and once there questions the crew about Marik and his dealings. His tech adept is unable to pull any information from the cogitators as Magos Gabriel thwarts their attempts with his crack coding skills. The Inquisitor leaves without whatever it was he was looking for and the crew makes the transition to warp space. The ship makes the journey very very quickly and arrives after only a day.
As they transition and get oriented they pick up a distress signal form a ship near by. An older vessel Identifying itself as the Grace of Sophia is under attack by to raider vessels. The Cathedral Charges in and easily disables one of the raiders. The other runs as it does not want to take on a ship the size of a cruiser. Turns out this is the contact the crew was looking for. Lady Charlabelle Armelain boards the Cathedral Terra to thank the captain as the rest of the crew helps with repairs to her vessel. Joker boards the enemy raider with a security contingent and quells the crew quite easily.
The Lady doe s not know why Allen wants her as well, but she does ask a favor, and a share of the profits, to Quintis if he would be willing to transport 2 passengers she is carrying. The share is 25 Eldar Dream stones. Very rare and very expensive. Through the right channels this could help rebuild the dynasty. Quintis agrees. The passengers are brought on board shrouded.
The crew meets them in private in the trophy room on board the Terra. The lady introduces Farseer Iyanna Althoran of Ulthwe and her body guard the Exarch Solvanus , a Striking Scorpion. Needless to say there is some shock.
With the Exception of Gaius I am really surprised by the acceptance of the Xenos on the ship. This proves to be very useful for me in later sessions. It would seem the group is caught up in something big after only just getting hold of the Writ of Trade. Everybody should have expected Eldar honestly. I do run a 40K Eldar blog. Things get a lot more interesting. Things get pretty epic. Whats the point of doing a Rouge Trader game is you don't go big.
So next time session 3. Before that though we will be delving into heavy support choices for the Eldar army.

Until then......................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!

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