Thursday, August 5, 2010

Raid Thwarted!: Campaign Scenario 2 Aftermath

Well the second mission went begin with. The forces of the Cabal of the Jade Dragon landed on the first turn with the exception of one Raider squad. The Judges space marines took a very forward position. Two combat squads set up in cover with a rhino behind a hill and a rather brave scout squad setting up almost at point. The Raiders carrying the Wyches, Archon and warriors advanced supported by the Ravager and the Talos The marines took few casualties with one squad falling back. Unfortunately for the Judge it was the combat squad containing the plasma cannon. No reinforcements came to the Cabals rescue as they slaughtered the Marines in the middle of the table to the man with a minimal amount of casualties. The Marines however received back up as both dreadnoughts, Including venerable brother “Overkill” and a Vindicator hit the field of battle. The Talos fresh with the fallen marines went to attack the closest dreadnought, which appeared at the flank of the Cabal. The Ravager was decimated by that dreadnought while Brother Overkill rained death on a raider. The Archon, not completely over his concussion from the previous battle, leapt from his raider, The Skiff of Pain, with his retinue to finish the last of the marines while Brother Chaplin “Stonewall” and the second Vindicator came to the table. The Talos fell to a dreadnought which succumbed as well to the Talos's vicious claws. The Vindicator nearest the Cabal took out a Raider and the squad of warriors it held failed to return the favor. Brother Chaplin Stonewall began a retreat leading the remaining Wyches and the Archon and his retinue back towards the landing Zone of the Cabal. In her Zealousness to reach the prey the Succubus of the Wyches died in ecstasy as she overdosed on combat drugs. So in the end the marines managed to hold on.
The Judge put up one hell of s fight. I should have expected as much. In the end I had 6 kill points to his 7. Things started out great for me, but my dice failed me at some key moments. Being ballsy by having my Succubus take 3 combat drugs and being rewarded with triple 5's was not awesome.
So the Next Scenario is a fast attack heavy 1000 point affair. More on that later.
Saturday I will have session 2 of the Rogue Trader game up. Sadly I forgot my notes while I was in the writing mood.

So until then..............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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