Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I see Dead people: Wraithguard

Well this started out as an entry for the Elites section of the Eldar Codex. Then I realized I had already kind of covered the entire Elites section with the Aspects of Khaine Series. So rather than be redundant I will cover the last unit in the Elites section. The mighty and often wrongly used Wraithguard.
Next to Dark Reapers these are the most expensive troops in the codex. At 35 points each they are expensive. Add in the Warlock and you have a unit that has the potential to do some real damage if used correctly. Many on the Forums scoff at Wraithguard and the concept of the “Wraith Wall”. The “Wraith Wall” is basically an Iyanden Ghost Warrior army. You have 2 units of 10 Wraithguard with a Warlock upgraded to a Spirit Seer and at least 2 Wraithlords making up the bulk of the points of the army. With a Maxed out, points wise, Warlock leading the 10 man unit the squad clocks in at around 396 points. Hefty for a troops choice. This is the only way to get Wraithguard as a troops choice though.
The whole strategy is not so different from a Necron Phalanx formation. You march the Wraithguard and Wraithlords forward while you advance your other foot troops behind them in support. Since they are toughness 6 and you can hit them with Conceal they become hard to kill and when they get into weapons range the opposing army is supposed to fold due to the nature of the Wraithcannon. In theory anyways. I am not here to debate the “Wraith Wall” though, although I may in the future.
Wraithguard are tough and pack a mean punch at close range. I use them in squads of 5. this way I can pack them with their warlock into a Wave Serpent. Given the small number in the squad I use them to take out tanks and monstrous creatures. Small command squads are good to but given the short range of the wraith cannon you want to make sure whatever you are hitting is not going to be able to shoot back or assault you. If you are busting vehicles you want to make sure you arm their wave serpent with Anti-infantry in mind to help support the unit. Shuriken cannons, scatter lasers or even Missile launchers are all good choices. Even if you are using Wraithguard to take out big nasties like trygons or carnifexes or even daemon princes using high strength anti infantry weapons like scatter laser are recommended. This will force more rolls and possible kill any retinue. You cannot rely on an instant kill from the wraith cannon with only 5 in the unit. Also if the target has an invulnerably save you cannot rely on the instant kill to go off. Use of doom is recommended just to maximize your kills. Rolling a 1 with only 5 in the unit takes away 20% of your kill potential. Also I like to actually put a Farseer into the unit just so he can guide them and provide better backup than a warlock You want to make every shot count. I still also include the Warlock though. Having 2 invulnerably saves in the unit you can re-roll is nice.
This is why most people do not use or just don't use Wraithguard properly. They must be protected and delivered to the front line as fast as possible where they can make up for their points value. They can be very devastating. I have taken out unwounded mawlocs and trygons with one hit. Remember above all else to support them with the other units in the army. Take out the hand to hand specialists with you scorpions or banshees. Rain down death with your dark reapers. Keep the other units to busy to really be able to do anything about the Wraithguard walking ominously amongst their army. Wraithguard, mush like the Wraithlord is what I like to call a terror troop. The enemy generally douses their pants at the sight of them and then make rash and hasty decisions in order to get rid of them. Layers the protections and the support for Wraithguard continues this illusion by saying “these guys are valuable and I don't want them to die” Most players would not think that you would blow so many points on a very lethal distraction. 40K is as much a psychological game as it is a game of strategy and generalship. If your opponent is freaking out then you play on that fear and turn it to your advantage. Wraithguard and Wraithlords are generally feared because of one used to great effect against the person at one time or another or they have never faced one and do not know how to counter it. You must use that to your advantage. Make the unit stand out prominently and make it seem its the lynch pin of your army. This could cause the expenditure of a lot of resources by your opponent to kill the unit. This distracts him or her from the real goal or threat.
SO there you have it my 2 cents on the remaining Elites choice in the codex. As soon as I figure out how I want to illustrate it I am going to start covering army set up and deployment. Then we will move into tactics based on mission.

Until then..................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. to build 10 wraithguard for £32 :0 1) buy 2 hawks boxes, 2) cutt off weapon barrel, 3) milliput a cape where the wings go and miliput over the head

    4 ) TA-DA :P

  2. Interesting. I personally hit ebay for wraithguard. I think $15 per figure is excessive to say the least. They really need to come out with a plastic kit for these guys.

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