Monday, August 2, 2010

Second Raid...... I hope its a raid anyway.

Well I have another campaign game on Wednesday and this time it will be a full army instead of a 200 point patrol and raiding party. Samsquatch Monster has posted the details of the Scenario on Dark Future games, but to sum it up for the lazy who don't want to click the link I have 1500 points to work with. I can take up to 2 Heavy choices and 1 fast. Attackers can have up to 2 HQ's, up to 4 elites and 1-6 troops. Defenders can have up to 2 elites, 1 HQ and 2-6 Troops choices.
This was not a hard build for me honestly. Dark Eldar armies are pretty easy to build and the core of the force is always going to be Warrior squads, or I should say Raider Squads. 10 man squads with a dark lance and blaster are the way to go. If you have spare points a nicely equipped sybarite is a welcome edition but not a real necessity. Then you equip their Raider with a dark lance or dizzy, maybe a Horrorfex, and night shields and it is good to go. I have 4 raider squads in the defending list. I want as much on the board as possible as anything that is not a troop choice starts in reserve for the defenders. This way if my opponent is unlucky to have a quarter or half of his forces end up in reserve I can overwhelm him with fire and then pick off the units coming in from reserve. One thing I did do which I have not done yet is I have a warrior squad on foot equipped with lots of heavy weapons. This was to give my force an anchor and retreat point. I can station them in cover and pick off the major threats to my transports. This is a kill point game so I have to play smart as I have a ton of kill points in the force, 12 to be exact. I have 2 Ravagers and my Archon that will be in reserve if I am defending.
My attack list is a bit more aggressive. It is basically the same as the defending list but the troops are better equipped and I eliminated 2 warriors squads in favor of a wych squad on a raider. It is a mobile force that is meant to do what Dark Eldar do best. Blitzkrieg in and destroy everything they are not planning on taking. I am going to be working on an Archon conversion this week as I have discovered the beauty of giving him a Tormentor helm and Punisher as well as a combat drug dispenser. Strength 5 with a power weapon in close combat anybody? With initiative 7? Yeah its pretty nice especially when combined with a 2+ invo save thanks to the shadow field.. But nothing is to good for the leader of the Cabal of the Jade Dragon.
Hows the name? It came to me this week as I was contemplating the paint scheme already on the models and how I was going to either finish them or tweak the paint a bit so it suited my vision a little more.

So we will see how Wednesday goes. I will post the results and after battle report this weekend. I am also working on a post for session 2 of my Rogue Trader game. I should have that this weekend as well.

Until then.........

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!

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