Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stop Dying You Cowards! Campaign Game 3

The third game of our campaign was yesterday. Once again I found myself up against The Judge. He narrowly defeated the forces of the Cabal of the Jade Dragon last time and once again he pulled victory out of the rear of his power armor.
The forces of the Cabal were on the defensive and this 1000pt match-up was heavy on the fast attack. This meant 2 squads of 5 Reaver Jet bikes and a squad of 3 Hellions. Even though I did not have to field and HQ I did. I had Archon Asurcanix with 8 of his Incubi. I also took a Warrior raider squad. The judge brought a 10 man vanguard veteran squad all with storm shields and power weapons. They had jump pack and Captain Shriek was leading them A scout squad and land speeder rounded out his list.
Turn one saw the Vanguard Veterans advance. The Archon and Incubi dismounted form their raider to meet them as the raider moved off and fired a volley of disintegrator fire into them. One of the Reaver squads was wiped out by the veterans and the hellions, warriors and second Reaver squad moved to hit the veterans on the flank.
The Archon and Incubi hammered on the Veterans and a few of the Incubi fell as well. The scouts came on and engaged the second Reaver squad. All was going well until The Archon, thinking of self preservation, ran from combat after the last Incubi was slain. The Mon-Keigh were slow though and did not catch him. The raiding party abandoned by their Archon did not phase them. The warriors cut down the scouts after they beat on the jet bikes and slew the last of them. The warriors then took out the land speeder. They also killed the remaining Vanguard veteran and inflicted 2 wounds on Shriek in a hail of splinter fire.
Sadly only Shriek and the scout sergeant survived. I was wiped out and even though it was a kill point game I could not have won as he only had 4 and I had 8. It was more of a moral victory to take every last one of the wretched Mon-keigh with me as the warriors died..
Things would have gone differently if the Archon had not run. Oh well There is always next time.  Maybe The Archon will be be over his concussion by then.  He is really starting to make me mad.  We owe paybacks to Chaplin Stonewall, Brother Overkill and now Sgt. Badass and the Sunshine kids.  Bright yellow scouts ugh.
Vengeance will be mine and it will be very slow and very creative.

Until then............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death wakes, War calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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