Saturday, August 21, 2010

The End of Days: Aftermath

The guns have gone silent and the dust has cleared. The “End of Days” Tournament is over. All in all “Team Ramrod” did pretty good. We won our first two games. Game one saw us against a combined Eldar and Tau force being backed up by a Daemon Prince and a Space Marine Predator. The Tau were slain to the man With Eldrad making short work of the Daemon prince. The veterans of Dave's Imperial Guard force dealt with the Crisis suits and Commander while at the same time laying waste to the Eldar hanging back with his manticore. We held one objective and so did they, but we got the win from kill points.
Game two Saw us face down Captain Obvious and our resident Daemon player Jake. This game was a close one and saw one of the biggest and bloodiest combats I have ever been in. Now the Rules for the Tournament state that you can take one unit form a different HQ that cannot be from the main army your partner is fielding. I was using Sanguinary Priests with both my Seer Council and Howling Banshees. Dave was using one of my Ravagers with his 2 veteran Squads, 2 Psyker Battle squads, scout sentinels and manticore. Game two saw us meeting up against Failbaddon The Failspoiler with Brother Corbulo, The Emperors Champion and 10 Black Templar Initiates in a land raider crusader. We also had to contend with 12 Blood Crushers, a Blood Thirster and a unit of Pink Horrors. Eldrad and his coterie of Warlocks Along with the Banshees met with The Failspoiler and his big unit of Hurt. They came out with no casualties. All 10 initiates and Failbaddon died with the Emperors Champion taking a wound. The Blood Crusher Unit that was close, and down to 4, charged in and killed 9 banshees. Eldrad and his boys stood firm and killed one crusher. The combat ended the next turn with Eldrad and his warlocks finishing off the Blood Crushers. They then dealt with the Land raider which had been immobilized. The Guard were doing their best to defend our objective, this was a capture and control mission. The second Blood Crusher unit was reduced to two from the shooting onslaught. The Horrors eluded death on several occasions thanks to Dave's dice rebelling. The blood thirster was reduced to 1 wound though thanks to sentinel auto cannon fire and the dizzy's on the Ravager. The sentinels held the Blood Crushers in Combat, but sadly when the Blood Thirster added his attacks to the melee they were destroyed. The game was close as our objective was contested and they did not claim theirs. We tied on kill points, but thanks to Eldrad's Head Hunting of HQ's we won the game.
Game three did not go well. We had, shall we say, Deployment issues. I held Eldrad in Reserve when I should have put him on the table. The opposing force had just about every cheesy trick in the book on their side. Duel Lash Princes, Thunder Wolf Cavalry, Thousand sons and a blood thirster. We stalled and they got first turn. The guard was valiant but died to the man. They took a major toll though as they took down all that came against them and killed them. The Wolf Lord and one Thunder wolf cav guy were all that was left. When Eldrad decided to join the mix around turn three he and the boys killed both lash princes and all the Thousand sons including their Rhino. If I would have put him on the table turn one he would have been able to kill the obliterators and the Broadside suits on that side of the table. This team won the tournament. We ranked high though and walked away with some store credit at good old Evolution Games.
This was fun I want to thank Old School Terminator of Dark Future Games for running a very fun and smooth tournament.  I also want to thank my partner Dave and His Imperial Guardsman.  They did the Guard proud. Congrats to the winners. The Judge took home the Castellion Award for the most objectives taken. The Kill point winner Alex took home a nice plaque with a real Marine k-bar, a cool knife, on it. The Judge got a nice big box of MRE's. Austin took home the Head Hunter Award for most HQ kills.
Me thinks this means that I will be hosting a tournament in the next year. I am thinking a 2250 point Gladiator Tournament. Perhaps on the Year anniversary of the blog. Maybe sooner.

Until then

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!

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